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12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code from {WoW}

Jan 1st 2012 8:40AM I my cat passed away this past March. Maybe he's come back to me in Spectral Kitten form :(

The Queue: The rum ham mix-up {WoW}

Dec 20th 2011 7:43PM Baloo (The Jungle Book)
Paddington the Bear
Winnie the Pooh
Bobo (Mr Burns' treasured childhood teddy bear from The Simpsons' episode Rosebud)
and Polar Bear

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Nightsaber Cubs from {WoW}

Dec 17th 2011 10:16AM Please, I really want a cat in my house again :(

Today in WoW: Steve Jobs has died {WoW}

Oct 6th 2011 7:17AM A sad day. Steve Jobs was a great visionary. How one persons ideas and inventions so profoundly affect so many lives is quite an astonishing feat. I wouldn't be doing what I do for a living if not for him. Working, playing and living on a Mac. To infinity and beyond.

Scattered Shots: Hunter addons {WoW}

Apr 14th 2011 4:44PM I use Kharthus's Hunter Timers for countdowns on traps. It has the ability to time absolutely every single hunter and pet ability there is in every tree. All I was looking for when I found this was exactly what you are looking for: a timer to let me know how long before my traps expire. You can have as much or as little tracked and on screen (I only use it for my traps at present) and I will never raid on my hunter without it.

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a roleplaying or off-duty outfit? {WoW}

Apr 6th 2011 8:22AM I'm not on an RP server and have never role played. However, after a long night of raiding, my main changes into a comfy blouse, a colorful kilt and soft sandals then goes down to the bar and relaxes with a few drinks. She will still carry her bow and staff however. She likes to relax but is still careful.

Breakfast Topic: Do you do RPish things on a non-RP realm? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2011 10:25AM I am in total agreement with you Roguesan! That Keristrasza quest line gets to me too (and it's with great fury that I will always go and kick the crap out of Malygos whenever I get the chance). Also the dragon questlines in the Twilight Highland and Feralas do that to me as well... guess I have a soft spot for the dragons.

I routinely /salute, /bow some of my favorite NPCs (I miss Carine terribly). Hell I even carry my Lounging Clothes with me (Giant-Friend Kilt, Knitted Sandals and Master Builder's Shirt). That way I can quickly change and relax at the bar after a long day of raiding.

Heart Story: One player's quest for iconic affection {WoW}

Feb 15th 2011 7:47AM Seeing my or my pets foot prints in the snow (as well as watching our shadows as we move) always charmed me too. It makes me feel as if I'm physically in this pixilated world; it makes it tangible and almost real. Thanks Dawn!

Choose My Adventure: A moment of silence {WoW}

Jul 21st 2010 6:43PM My deepest condolences on the loss of Thor Robin. It amazes me how much our furry friends do for us humans. Thor will be well guided.

Breakfast Topic: Game notes {WoW}

Jun 5th 2010 11:51AM I've got several small notes books sitting next to my computer as well with everything from mats for crafted pieces and prime locations for gathering to notes on quests and raids. I also have sticky notes on my monitor like "Shut up! Don't say anything!" to remind me to think before I say something stupid in vent... which I'm sorta known for :)