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The Secret World pre-order packages feature beta access, lifetime sub, and more {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 8:24AM AOC is one of the most PERFECT mmorpgs in existence, though origiNALLY PEOPLE DIDNT PLAY CORRECTLY or not enough, ehich let to its sad state today - but the GAME ITSELF is what is amazing and epic!

Secret World will be the same - an amazing game, but will people play the game correctly? Or will all the level rushing, farming,grinding sheep do their thing and after a few weeks cry about not enough content when they are the ones that sabotaged their own game experience by rushing and skipping.

If the majority take their time to enjoy the game and its features, it could be one epic mother F of a game! lol


The Daily Grind: What's on your MMO bucket list? {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 8:21AM My MMO Bucket List?

To run every dungeon in DCUO, Age of Conan, WAR and FE - but, do it as ACTION-RP runs.

This means each player is in character(or they just dont say much, which is ok too) battle cries, emotes and discussion of where to go next and act as if its our first time entering that specific dungeon.

All of these mmoRPGs are underrated and are great for Action RP!

Have a good week ppl! S!


The Daily Grind: What's on your MMO bucket list? {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 8:18AM Vin - DCUO and AOC are AMAZING and get more and more epic as you gain xp during your adventures! Have fun and GL!

Look me up on wiccana - xalonn and tyranny - xaos


The Daily Grind: Which MMO doesn't get the respect it deserves? {Massively}

Apr 3rd 2012 8:41AM 2 which dont get credit for PVE:

a) Age of Conan - AOC has well over 2000 quests, which is a lot-but if you played WOW or EQ2 or older games with well over 5000 you wouldnt think 2k was a lot. But AOC has epic, dynamic quests where one of them, is equal to 5 or 10 smaller quests from those other games. Plus the PVE is soo engaging and epic in every moment you play! Underrated for sure.

b) Even more underrated is Warhammer Online's PVE. This game has 6 different races and EACH OF THESE RACES HAS THEIR OWN START TO MAX LEVEL CONTENT, specifically for that race! Add on top of that you can partake in the other 2 races of your faction's quests and content, you will expoerience soem of the most thrilling PVE in a game thats mostly been promoted as PVP with some pve. The pvp is great, but the PVE is why I play WAR! WAAAAGGHHHHH!!!

And, both of these games are Uber F U N!!! And thats a great thing. (problem is both games have some of the biggest pieces of trash using that game to harrass and exploit)

For PVP. I would say City of Heroes, just because the guild vs guild 110v100 battles and the Base versus Base Raids are soioo intuitive and epic! And the open pvp maps are some of the mopst fun ive had, though underrated.

Best 2 games for open pvp is DCUO and Age of Conan - underrated but amazing!


The Daily Grind: Is maintenance mode better than nothing at all? {Massively}

Apr 2nd 2012 2:02PM Even if a game goes to maintenance mode, we should be GRATEFUL. Hell, console and single player games cost 50-60 bucks and you get less than 50hrs of gameplay - a few hundred if its a sports or multiplayer game.

But an mmo is only a MEASLY 15 a month! SOme just $10 and if freebies go there too, they have some free! and you get THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of fantastic ganmeplay hours and it never ends - only if you get bored with it or the game actually shuts down the servers. Til then, you pay 50cents a day for hours each day if you choose to. Thats just amazing.

Mmos started at 10 and went to 15 a month, though if mmos started over the last 2-3 years, they could have charged 50/mo and people would pay, no questions asked. So many people have become SPOILED and JADED, thinking something si "owed: to them - and its NOT. Its nice if it occurs, but as long as the original game we bought is running, give thanks.



One Shots is back! Long live One Shots! {Massively}

Apr 1st 2012 10:59AM Hikoro, why would you donate 5000 to Massively? Joystiq is owned and operated by AOL!! They have plenty of money! They just dont pay the bloggers much because they are just bloggers! LMAO

So glad its back! Im sure the complaints helped by all! haha

Keep the new, multiple one-shots per day! If you could , add a new one every 4-6 hr, and when ppl click to open the actual post, it will show all previous shots for that day!


The Daily Grind: What originally got you into MMOs? {Massively}

Mar 31st 2012 2:56PM I could never play the 2 mmorpgs I heard about - COH and Anarchy Online , on my computers. AFter getting a new super laptop, one day i saw a commercial for the Disney Pirates of the carribbean mmo - so I went to the site and tried it out. It was pretty cool and I played it for a few days. Then I heard about world of warcraft and how it ruined my girlfriends previous marriage, so I figured id check it out since I had a computer that could now run better stuff.

Anyways, afterthe first 5 minutes(being sick with the flu, mind you) I fell in love. And I think the main reason I did was I started with a NighT eLF, and if you have played WOW, you know the NEs start off in their own area, separate from the rest of the gameworld - so I wasnt overwhelmed at first and I actually though(during the fiurst few days) that the map I saw of the zone was the entire game! Or at least most of it! haha. Btw, the greatest thing is that the NE start zone has the most amazing ambiance, with beautiful, haunting music and an amazing environment that really draws you in and as far as starting areas go, is one of the mos immersive zones ive been in to date!

I started playing it like current asian mmos, where I would click the enemy to attack, hunt and pecking for an abiklity to press! After a few days, I had the perfect setup and was playing with a lot more comfort, but what really got me was the scope of teh game!

I ffinished the first area and went to the second zone, still bvelieving that the game had a few zones, but they were spread out around the games map. I then took a boat to the other conteninet(just another zone i guessed) and after zooming out my map(newb moment that i dint know how yet) i found out how MASSIVE WOW truly was! 40+ zones? Two fireaking continents!! Also, when I started playing BC just released, so there was no in-game quest helpers. You had to read each quest and look for hints in the quest to tell you where to go! and it was THRILLING! I spent 50% of my time wandering or getting killed, but by it being my first REAL mmorpg, along with sonly seeing 1-2 zones, just realizing how massive the game was, AND, having to search and explore - IT WAS SOOOOOO UNBELKIEVABLY EPIC!!!!

I miss that feeling I had the first few months and no matter what games u polay and love, u never get it exactly back - you come close, but you only get ONE first mmorpg experience.

I ended up playing WOW for almost two years straight before I realized that other mmorpgs actually EXISTED!(aside from coh and anarhy online, both of which i forgot about over the years since i never played them)

Once you play more than one mmorpg, you will never view mmorpgs the same. This is a good and bad thing. but I do sometiems wish I stayed with WOW or any other mmorpg and didnt play multiple games. Fast foward two more years and ive tried and/or subbed to and played at least 30-40 other mmorpgs and now I subscribe and play, on and off, about 10 mmorpgs that I absolutely looooove. And theres still a bunch I wish I had the time to try!!

Today, I WISH my first mmorpg was Age of Conan, just because it is such a masterpiece (even though a percentage of its players are the biggest pieeces of TRASH)

Anyways, have a great weekend people!! I'm hoping mmorpgs go back to promoting exploration and roleplay, and of course, EARNING things. The way mmorpgs are heading, with teh constant catering to raid-mongers and level rushing grinders/farmers has killed what an mmorpg even is anymore. The new games are no longer mmoRPGS, they are just mmos = and it stinks! lol

Gods & Heroes letter brings dire tidings {Massively}

Mar 31st 2012 1:59AM Yeah, because having a massive budget and huge dev team and NOT being able to implement cloaks is a huge problem and a red flag.

With Heatwave, they have a very very small dev team and hardly had any budget to begin with - BIG DIFFERENCE.

And I am sorry if I "raged" lol - just shocked. Thats like waiting on a new big budget game, like Tera(pre Asian version) and the devs saying "sorry, we cant create swords or maces" lol. I still dont understand how any1 can NOT see what a red flag it is for Trion to say what they did, but everyone is different. Hell,. some people say certain games are "boring" or that "so and so is like WOW" and all sorts of ridiculous comments - so no biggie. To each their own.

Have a good weekend all. G+ H DOES have a good chance, since the game was out for only 7 months. If they get a bigger budget and funds to promote the game finally, along with some extra devs to handle the content additions, we coould see a nice hybrid re-release of G+H by the end of the year.

If not, its still an amazing game and wiorth just $10 to play through the content and meet some awesome ancient history and mythology buffs :)


Gods & Heroes letter brings dire tidings {Massively}

Mar 30th 2012 9:37PM BTW rage, it was only ever $10 a month and planned to stay that way. The problem was no promotion. Noone knew the game existed, so noone played. And with nooone knowing, those that DID play had no content after level 30. There still a good amount of people playing - they just need to see the light.

The light is coming.

PLEASE CLOSE THIS POST. We dont need more negativity when G+H does not deserve it.


Storyboard: Flag a server {Massively}

Mar 30th 2012 9:22PM All mmorpgs are MADE FOR ROLEPLAY! Everything that has been talked about for GW2 says that as well! Silly they are being lazy - believing that they will make more money from level rushing idiots, than loyal rpers. Oh well.

Its sad, because of mmorpgs all knew what RP truly was, theyd realize that the majority of us do indeed RP! Some dont realize it and some hate the term RP because of some bad apples they have met(ex people that spend more time out of game working on a character than actually playing that character IN the game lol , or the people that flip out if God forbod you mispell or say something they dont agree with as part of teh games lore!)

Most RPers just like to take their time, read lore, emote to players and npcs, use battle cries and its more about what IS NOT said, than what IS!

But all who read this column know that I'm sure. If they are refusing an RP server, than future GW2 rpers need to band together and pick a server to be our unofficial home, and start promoting the hell out of it!!!

Also, its sickening to see that today, mmo devs would rather have whiney level rushing and grinding BABIES that only play a few months a year and dont RP, instead of players that play an mmorpg CORRECTLY and are loyal and stay all year.

I hate to use "correctly" but its the truth. Its hard to find players noadays that do play an mmo correctly. That roleplay as well as enjoy ALL parts of a game and all systems and features, taking their time - rather than people who only care about xp, leveling and gear. These are mmoRPGS after all, not just some single player game to rush through like a raging ignorant bull, frothing at the mouth saying "xp xp xp xp xp" like the little trolls we see all over todays mmorpgs!