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Breakfast Topic: Is Blizzard doing faction change the right way? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 9:11AM I personaly have been waiting for this for a long time. I am not very sure if its going to work out smoothly though. I think there is going to be a mess of Alliance switching to Horde for pvp purposes just makeing the horde worse by haveing people who use less stratgey. Even an uneven number of Alli to Horde players. I mean come on who doesnt want to play Horde? :D

I played Alli for a while only because when I started the game I had made a horde toon only to be told by my friend that I could not play with him. So now I have 2 high lvl Alli toons sitting on another server while i have 80 horde toons and i would like to play them all on the same faction and server.

The other thing is I am worried about the cost of the transfer. Is it going to be worth it or is it going to get bugged or have soo many people doing it that I wont be able to play me toon for a long time?

There are a lot of things that, even something as simple as a race change seems, could be all messed up.