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New 5-man instance confirmed for future patch {WoW}

Jul 8th 2009 12:55AM Be prepared for a very long read, possible dungeons/raids they should make.. or could.. (replayed TFT campaign and came up with some more ideas)

With CoT - 1) Aiding Arthas during his stroll through the ancient kingdom of Azjol-Nerub, hear me out on this one, you could in the beginning meet up with Anub-Arak and then fight your way through the kingdom and then meet up with Arthas, in which you help him get to the exit and into Icecrown. This could bring back like the city feel that some of us loved about BRD, and bring in a lot of new things.

2) One thing that people have also always have asked about on these sort of threads are more Tauren dungeons, actually a Tauren dungeon period. They could make a tauren CoT dungeon that relates to when Thrall meets Cairne Bloodhoof and they gotta defend the Kodo's from Centaur attacks as Thrall goes to meet Medivh, for me that was one of the most fun quests in WC3, and would bring joy to most people to see some Cairne pwnage.

3) As a lot of people have said.. The Fall of Gnomeregan, unfortuneately i like the little buggers, but tbh it had to happen.

4) I thought about this a little and maybe there could be a raid dungeon or just normal dungeon that requires us to team up with Sylvanas and Varimathras in taking out the other Nathrezim, this could be extended to include Lord Garithos and killing the last Nathrezim brother (Balnazzar). Just an idea.

5) One of my personal favourites, which i hopefully think nobody would deny is when Warden Maiev Shadowsong, is guarding Illidan for like some couple thousands of years, AND a bunch of other nasties in her own prison, and then the tiger lady, whos name i forgot, comes and breaks him out (illidan), this would be a night elf themed dungeon and would be a excellent addition, there would be a lot to include with this such as the Druids of the Claw etc, but bosses could be minions in the Barrow Den and some powerful imprisoned ppl, idk would need some tweaks.

And enough of Caverns of Time because the ideas could just last forever.. and as i seem to be aswell i'll try to wrap up. Other dungeons could be.

1) A new dungeon in Stonetalon Mountains that requires us to take out a Harpy threat in The Charred Vale, (predominantly tauren dungeon), could include some more centaurs, hehe.

2) Timbermaw Hold dungeon in Azshara, idk about it, alot of people suggested it, and i sort can grasp the idea, but i don't like the idea of killing my favourite fluffy bears, i farmed too long to get exalted with em.. but it could be to involve the Emerald Dream

3) A gnoll dungeon in Redridge Mountains, its what i best remember the region for, could be expanded. Would give low levels more variety i guess.

4) Felwood is usually one of the low rated regions that has barely any purpose or any use besides the Timbermaw furblogs and a bit of cenarion rep, maybe introduce a night-elf themed like dungeon, could be called the cleansing of Felwood, where there would be those bog lurker fungus things (the ones that look like Loatheb), and includes killing some Satyrs, idk but this could be expanded.

5) A naga shrine in Azshara, could be like a build up to Maelstrom expansion (which we assume will be the next one) that could include you fighting against the naga and the makura (crab people).

6) Akkaroa type dungeon in Outland, could be put in Skettis?

7) Expansion of the troll empire in Hinterlands, pretty much like making a new ZA but not a raid, a 5-man Jintha'Alor type of thing. (but seriously i know enough about trolls)

other possiblilties are Uldum, Gilneas, Grim Batol.

Most of those are my ideas that i haven't read or heard of anywhere else but still a lot of them are from ones i have read and had to include.

If you actually bothered to read all of that, thanks.. and well i just hope this will be picked up on :) .