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Phat Loot Phriday: Ikfirus's Sack of Wonder {WoW}

Apr 25th 2010 5:29AM Exactly. When a combat rogue uses 2 pieces with expertise, he is already likely to go over the expertise cap. Any statpoint of expertise of the cap is fully wasted. The cap is 26 expertise, or 132 expertise rating. You get 10 expertise with talents from the combat tree. That leaves 16 expertise for gear. This chest has 11 expertise. So most likely you can't combine it with any other gear.

T10 legs have expertise.
Cloak from Marrowgar has expertise.
Crafted boots have expertise.
All items that can easily be acquired.

The Sack of Wonders is a waste of gold for combat rogues.

Encrypted Text: Leveling a new rogue, character creation {WoW}

Oct 15th 2009 10:42AM If you want to level a rogue just for the fun of leveling, go ahead. Rogues are a great class to solo and to level up. I really enjoyed the leveling, although that was 4.5 years ago.

But if you want to level a rogue to have a character to play end-game with, I strongly suggest you should not pick the rogue class. I know, I have played this rogue for 4.5 years.

Pure dps classes are the stepchildren of WoW. The whole game is about hybrids now. As a pure dps class, you will always be considered "just a scrub" who should be happy that he is allowed to come to raids. If you don't believe me, check out the top-10 guilds on your server. I bet that most of those guilds have 1-2, maybe 3 of each pure dps class. But they'll have 4+ druids, shaman, paladins and priests. I bet they even have more warriors and DKs than rogues. Sometimes they run with 6+ paladins and 6+ priests, but only 2 rogues.

Rogues were doing fine dps in Ulduar. Thanks to the buff to our combat talent tree. But in 3.1 something terrible happened. 1) T9.25 gear is hardly an upgrade from T8.25. In fact, getting 3 or less pieces of T8.25 is a downgrade. So any social rogue will let other classes get their T9.25 first. And our dps will fall behind. In Ulduar we had swords, maces, fist and offhand dagger. So after a few weeks, most rogues in a guild would have two new weapons. In ToC there are only 2 axes dropping for us. That means that if you are unlucky, all or most of your rogues will run with Ulduar weapons. Then there is the issue of expertise (too much of it) which makes certain items useless to us.
As a result: rogue dps is not going up as fast as other classes. And when ICC comes, rogues will be doing sub-average dps. And RaidLeaders will not bring more than 1 or 2 rogues to ICC until the whole instance is on farm.

As a rogue, you are a one-trick pony. We can't switch roles when we are bored with dps. And we also can't enjoy the game more by getting offspec sets. Since 3.2 I have gotten 2 upgrades (bracers which are worse than crafted ones) and a BoE cloak. I bought 2 items with BoTriumph. I got all these EoT and EoC in my bag, and nothing I can buy. If I had been a druid, I could have bought healing gear, or boomkin gear. For a rogue, the game is a lot smaller.

Rogues used to be great solo players. Not anymore. In TBC days, I had fun soloing Strat and Scholo in my blue gear (and purple later). I got all T0 sets, just for fun. I soloed recipes. At lvl60 I solo farmed a libram in Dire Maul for an enchant. I soloed GRRP-recipe in LBRS at lvl60. All great fun. But in WLK, there is nothing to solo. The lvl80 instances drop nothing, everything is reputation based. And the lvl70 heroic dungeons are not soloable by a rogue. You will see druids and paladins solo ZG bosses. Warriors were soloing MC bosses at lvl70. DKs can solo well too. But rogues can't solo anything anymore. We can do well for 20-30 seconds, thanks to evasion and maybe stuns. But if a fight lasts longer (and all 70-80 boss fights do), we can't solo anything because we can't heal.

Really, play a hybrid class. The game will be a lot more versatile for you. You can set more goals. You can acquire more loot. You can solo more. You will get a lot more respect.

Rogues might be needed for YS and Anub hardmodes. But how many guilds do that ? 100 in the world maybe ? In a regular guild, rogues are a dime a dozen. And if you don't believe that, you should wonder why so many veteran rogues are leaving this game. More so than any other class.

Breakfast Topic: Why Blizzard should make authenticators mandatory on accounts {WoW}

Sep 12th 2009 9:51AM It's simple.

You want an authenticator ? You can buy one. No problem.

I don't want an authenticator ? That's my choice. Don't force me to buy one. What do you have to do with my account security ? Nothing.

Authenticators are not free. They cost real money. And there's physical transport involved. I'm sure that Blizz could give away a free authenticator to all those players that have been playing for 3-4 years. (But they won't do that. Blizzard asks money for everything outside the game. Bastards). But what about all those players that buy the game, try it for 2-3 months, and quit ? Millions of them. You want to give them an authenticator for free ? Paid from my subscription fee ?

I know how to keep my PC safe. It's not hard. If you can't, if other can't, don't let me pay for that. I decide for myself where I want to spend $30 or $60.

Significant changes to Northrend flying mounts discovered on the Patch 3.2 PTR [Updated] {WoW}

Jul 8th 2009 7:24AM Even with this tome, you would still have to spend 1k gold per alt. So you wouldn't have saved any gold.