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Guildwatch: Dodge this {WoW}

Jul 8th 2009 2:17PM I find this a really sad example of the current state of WoW. I've been playing since 2005, and the games immaturity and overall juvenile mentality of players has been increasing at an exponential rate.

To see this excerpt of raid chat held up as an example of humorous goes far to explain things!
I blame the raid leader here! WoW is a GAME. I will not be belittled in a game myself, and would've left the raid too. Fine, so the GM has the right to kick the player. But to do so in a further belittling manner?! And then you folks put it on the front page as an example of "awesomeness"??? How old are you Mike Schramm?

Talking about the idea for leveling servers? How about "mature" servers? So players who have grown beyond the imbecile level can get on with the game and have, FUN!