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Two Bosses Enter: Anub'Arak vs. Elder Nadox {WoW}

Jul 11th 2009 5:43PM Anub'Arak sits in his place. "So, you have come to take my place, Nadox?" "Take? I'll not take it. I'll rob it!" The two gigantic insects charge at each other, starting the battle. Anub'Arak slices the air several times with his huge claws, but Nadox dodges. Nadox pushes Anub far from him, "The young must not grow hungry... Shhhad ak kereeesshh!" "Just in time". As Nadox invokes his guardian and lots of Ahn'Kahar nerubians, Anub'Arak borrows himself underground. Anub'ar insects charge from he sides, battling the Ahn'Kahar. Suddenly, a huge claw impaes the guardian, who was providing with immunity his comrads. Nadox yells, because he knows she will be the next target. She barely finishes the Anub'ar, when Anub'Arak emerges. "Time to finish the job". He casts upon Nadox a locust swarm, and she cries in pain. In the middle of the confusion, Anub executes his opponent with a twist of his wrist. "I was king of this empire once, long ago. In life I stood as champion. In death I returned as conqueror. Now I protect the kingdom once more. Ironic, yes?".