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New iPad sales surpass three million over weekend {Joystiq}

Mar 20th 2012 12:32PM I own an iPad2 for media consumption and the occasional game. I bought a Vita for gaming and the occasional media consumption. The devices overlap but they do not replace. I also just bought a new laptop because neither of the above devices serves me as a development platform nor PC gaming. Each device still has a specific niche that it serves while overlapping some features to expand it's reach.

Also, I'm broke; turns out buying all three of those things (and a 3DS) in a year isn't a great idea. Ramen for dinner for...the foreseeable future. :-/

Ratchet and Clank HD collection in NA this fall, Europe in May {Joystiq}

Mar 15th 2012 5:28PM Day 1 Purchase! (also f*** you iPad, tried twice and no comment so now you lay over there!)

Baldur's Gate teaser site gets a countdown and a soundtrack {Joystiq}

Mar 15th 2012 8:45AM Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 3? Simply Baldur's Gate 3? Please don't let this be a remake. The original still plays perfectly fine (thank gog!).

MotorStorm RC free for a limited time on Vita in the US (thanks Toyota!) {Joystiq}

Mar 6th 2012 8:56PM @legacybush

The challenge one sounds tremendously better. Or just say "Hey mate, how about some Motorstorm multiplayer?"...

Rumor: Assassin's Creed 3 screens leaked {Joystiq}

Mar 2nd 2012 12:28PM @Roto13 If it's hidden how can you tell there's a lack? ;)

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Process {Joystiq}

Feb 24th 2012 9:08AM Intriguing concept for a game. It sounds an awful lot like the movie SourceCode though...

Notch reels in Psychonauts 2 talk {Joystiq}

Feb 15th 2012 11:48PM @Once known as Shadsy Someone tell notch not to feed the trolls...

Notch reels in Psychonauts 2 talk {Joystiq}

Feb 15th 2012 11:47PM @tendoboy1984 I'm at a loss for words. Your comments make me think you've been living under a rock. Yet you have 1500 comments so yor obviously on here all the time...

Minecraft is not free, even in alpha there was a modest charge. It was "released" back in November...

Double Fine breaks Kickstarter funding records {Joystiq}

Feb 9th 2012 4:05PM @Benny M This raises the question of how difficult it is to tip off Joystiq to your kickstarter page and the game under development?

@Joystiq Editors I'm very interested in reading about such endeavors. I frequent Joystiq, I do not frequent any other gaming sites as I look to Joystiq to aggregate all the gaming news for me. Certainly investigating smaller projects is worth their time? I've certainly not seen any other aggregates or news sites covering such topics...