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Know Your Lore: Archbishop Benedictus of the Holy Light {WoW}

Dec 7th 2011 11:07AM Also makes sense why the si7 were attacking thrall, they were under orders from the archbishop.

Know Your Lore: Story development and why Theramore should burn {WoW}

Nov 20th 2011 4:56PM I think the alliance will retaliate and destroy Stonard, the story in swamp of sorrows shows the alliance not doing too poorly against the horde, and it would create a sort of tug and pull story as well as evening out the lost of portals.
I mean honestly how often do people go to either Theramore or Stonard? Those portals are over with they usefulness and this will serve well to drive us into a full out war in MoP.

The Queue: Criminal {WoW}

Nov 20th 2011 3:57PM Actually I don't think you will be able to get the legendary faster on 25 man. The reason being with dragonwrath the 25 man version gave out more so that you could get it for a 2nd person at the same time, yet the player base and guilds didn't go that route and decided to give it to one person so help speed the process. Now the first quest for the daggers requires 333 gems which come out of the geode that the new epic gems do, and if i recall how that works is each person get one geode per boss should it drop. Meaning that you can't give the quest item to the rogue since they will already get it from the geode, and at this moment the only difference in the geode's are some have a higher than normal chance of dropping an epic gem than others and most likely have no increase on each quest item.

5 reasons you should love Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 24th 2011 3:45PM I know theramore is getting destroyed, but they may just side step the whole why Jaina was peaceful agrees to send an army in to horde territory knowing it could very well end badly. I realize the horde are once again going to take another shot at the alliance, when they have already taken southshore, stonetalon, gilnaeas, ashenvale, eastern plaguelands, and twilight highlands. Without worrying about the number of territories were uneven it still feels like no matter what, the horde will always win while the alliance is busy taking care of the threats that could destroy both the horde and alliance.

5 reasons you should love Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 24th 2011 2:31PM I don't agree with point number 2, they haven't finished a lot of the story lines and there is still a lot of plot holes.
What was Jaina's intention when building the road that caused the problems in barrens?(will be addressed in 4.4 I hope)
When is Trollbane going to finish with the pencilpushers and come back?
Nepulton isn't finished no matter what they said at blizzcon.
Naga aren't finished with.
Titians aren't finished with.
Karazhan needs some cata love along with silthius.
The missing family of Arthas.
The new forsaken aggression, and the freedom of Gilnaeas.
That one new forsaken scarlet daughter her name escapes me at the moment.
The deathknight brothers in death.
There is many more questions that jumping onto a whole new continent makes us feel short changed. Granted I am excited but I prefer more wrap ups than we currently are getting now.

The Queue: Well, that explains everything {WoW}

Oct 4th 2011 11:21AM Totally the new bh boss is a chick, one of the shiva arm ladies.

Encrypted Text: Welcome your new legendary-wielding rogue overlords {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 7:01PM Fine a poor example but let's say you get hired to work at Burger King, and you were hired to flip burgers but turns out they are short hand at a store acouple miles aways, would you refuse then you would be the last person the manger would want to promote or give a raise to.
Your example "If you get hired as an accountant for a hospital and then get asked to go perform surgery you better tell them "no, of course I won't go do surgery, are you mad?!" or you'll be killing someone."

That is rather extreme of course it wouldn't makes sense but let's say you are accountant but you refuse to work with computers since you prefer adding machines. Or you get elected to be President but refuse to sign any laws or take any action but to pardon people. The times changed and if you don't change with it they will find someone who will.
And the whole rogue community wasn't catered for, you still had people who were assassination and subtlety who would be stuck in their old ways. The fact of the matter is shamans and druids have had two legendary since rogues got one that they were well and able to use. Whether or not you choose to before the patch get excited about this legendary you would be well and able to get, you choose not to simply because you don't want and not that you are unable like rogues.

Know Your Lore: The Watchers and Shadow Wardens {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 5:41PM "the enemy of my enemy is my ally" We see her using this in Black Temple where she allies herself with the broken. How would a hater of magic users and "xenophobe" find it in her head to ally with some tainted broken? Not only then if she was a fiece hater of all magic users and members outside of night elves, why doesn't she take the chance to kill the horde and alliance groups after Illidan is dead? I feel that her character got broken and what better place for a broken character to but join the Forsaken, as we see now she has been forsaken.

Know Your Lore: The Watchers and Shadow Wardens {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 5:37PM Fair enough but let us look at Sylvanas, she is a fierce hater of the Lich King but soon finds herself recruiting the most loyal of her enemy allies. Even then she finds herself acting the very way the one she wanted dead would act in raising more of the undead.
Now Maiev hate everything but her watchers. What is stopping Sylvanas from killing her and bringing her into her league through not some sort of valk'yir method but the very same method that was used by the lich king to turn her into a banshee. Then Maiev would fall into the same mold as the forsaken wanted the death of everything but the undead as they have given her hope to redeem herself and find revenge on Mal and Tyande. She isn't dumb, she will most likely find a way to get her revenge as we already seen her determination to kill Illdian.

Encrypted Text: Welcome your new legendary-wielding rogue overlords {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 5:25PM "respeccing for a Shaman requires a totally different gear set, understanding tactics from a different role and a different skillset, plus it will cause a change in your raids composition of melee/range/healer numbers."

Well if you don't do anyone of that to help your raid, then you are probably the last person your guild will think deserves it. People drop raids for a lot of reason, and it is easier to have someone in the raid be able to switch right away then having to bring in someone else if you don't have a healer on to replace the one who left.
People think that any person will be able to get a legendary, while this was true in BC with the random drops of the legendary now it takes time and teamwork for you to be able to wield one. You will only get a legendary if your raid is able to help you get it, and not every guild is at a point where they can farm all the bosses to get a legendary for their members.
And think about this, the staff that no one seems to have a desire to respec to, will be worth it for the rest of this patch and most likely then next, where as the rogues will only get to use it for one tier and maybe the filler raid and the first couple levels of the new exspansion. Meaning Caster have alot more time to get a legendary and develop a gear set and learn the mechanics for the fight while in the caster spec or in the melee switch only waiting till you have the staff to actually switch.
If you were to get a job and tell your boss "No I won't do this type of work I only want to do this type of work" you are not going to last very long. The only limitations is yourself in this case, unlike a rogue whose limitation is the lack of a spec to change into.