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Is WoW being run by its B-team? Is that bad? {WoW}

Jul 15th 2009 2:24PM This entire comments section is filled with Blizzard fan boys. That if Blizzard was to read or even acknowledge the existence of this article, the fan boys would piss themselves in excitement thinking they are gonna get some special reward from Blizzard for saying what they did.

This game has been extremely dumbed down. Raids are not hard, they are just a big grindfest, that you and 10 or 25 of your friends go in every Tuesday, and destroy, no entertainment, no fun, same content over and over, NOTHING NEW! Now you look at Ulduar, from what it looks like here, is hard. Well Mr./Ms. "Death's Demise" title holders, have now got the strategy, and its just as easy as anything else in this game.

This game is becoming nothing but a "JOB" to some people, with the fact that, you don't wanna raid, but you "FEEL" that you have to get that new weapon or piece of gear, but you dread even stepping into Naxx, or Ulduar, because you know the agony is about to start.

Now down to the grinding in Vanilla WoW, kinda felt good when you got your epic riding didn't it? Now its nothing but a 40% increase, and getting the money to get it is extremely easy. Back in Vanilla WoW you were admired if you had your epic riding, now its an everyday thing.

Veezy F, is a prime example of the "I want things for free" player. He doesn't want the raids to be hard, and long drawn out, he wants it easy, so he can slip in and grab a piece or pieces of gear, and leave, no challenge, no sweat. I believe thats what we all want in this game now, but some of us, who played Vanilla WoW, knows that this game is going down hill VERY FAST.