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Scattered Shots: 10 things hunters should get in patch 4.2 {WoW}

May 19th 2011 12:53PM now if war talking about pets that shoot freaking lasers I think we need to be able to tame a shark.

Scattered Shots: 10 things hunters should get in patch 4.2 {WoW}

May 19th 2011 11:05AM Maintaining a healthy sense of humor, creativity, and comradare can always help make us better and is never a waste of space.

Some of us don't play hunters to be the best, but rather we enjoy playing our hunters the best we can. You have to be able to enjoy yourself to be the best.

Scattered Shots: 10 things hunters should get in patch 4.2 {WoW}

May 19th 2011 10:34AM I had actually had similar thoughts on Heart of the Phoenix. It would be awesome to expand the ability so the pet can use it on the human, heck or even if the pet sacrificed itself to revive the hunter.

Heck I would just be happy if my pet could rez me out of combat when it is still alive and sitting happily in its magical pen. I say get out here and do something useful!

Scattered Shots: 10 things hunters should get in patch 4.2 {WoW}

May 19th 2011 10:24AM To be an asshole/to be funny. It was meant more as a joke. I have been tempted to MD to my healer on times when he is being annoying, luckily i can just reach across and slap him instead.

Scattered Shots: 10 things hunters should get in patch 4.2 {WoW}

May 19th 2011 10:19AM on further thought. Why is it we only want to tame druids?

How about taming Shamans when they are shapeshifted? I would totally try to tame a worgen and play fetch with that doggie.

Actually, one way to do this that might be really funny but could be done to not be overpowerd could be to allow you to use tame beast on polymorphed players. Then you can control mess with them for as long as they are an animal. And since it would need coordination, I think it could be balanced to be more fun than over powered.

Scattered Shots: 10 things hunters should get in patch 4.2 {WoW}

May 19th 2011 10:11AM I think this might have been better in two articles. One of them with the silly ideas, like the death bug fix (we all know that that bug is here to stay) and one with the crazy ideas that are actually really good and could work.

A from of Stampede would be great for BM. I think something more akin the Mirror Image might be more realistic and could be done without being too over powered. . .or insane.

Headshot. . . . well really what you described sounds a lot like what Camouflage was originally going to do in terms of giving us a slight damage boos for our first shot coming out of camo. I rather liked the idea then, and I still rather like it. Not sure about the zooming party, I fight my camera enough as it is.

Heart of the Wild actually does sound like it would fit very well in SV.

4-8 Honestly I would call ideas that are mostly doable. As you said Warriors can duel wield, no reason that can't give some version of it to us. Though the animations would be rather fun to see. Duel wielding pets could also be fun (but a headache) maybe if the second pet is a bit weaker since, you know, you know have two of them.

Though a funner (and sillier) version of duel wield would be to let you give the second ranged weapon to your pet for a short time. Come on I know all of you want to see your Kitty or Sporebat pull back from battle and let loose with a gun or bow. Even it if was lousy DPS, it would be so funny to see it would be worth useing.

Engineering pet - that is just awesome and I can't really see it being that big an issue. I love it as an idea

On the glyph I would love to see it tweaked to also rest set sooner if you redirect to your focus. I always have my tank as my focus, so this could be done rather easily. Maybe no cooldown is too much but a shorter one would be great.

I have to say I just love love love you mind control tame druids idea. That is just the best.

Mount is awesome and doable. Esp. if they let you gather while mounted on your pet. they let Druids gather stuff as a flying bird I say let us gather while on our pet.

So I will toss out my own crazy idea I have thought about. I think we should be able to cast our damn ice trap on ourselves. It is the same damn animation the mages use, we know how to make/cast the damn trap, clearly mages and enemies survive being trapped, I say we let us cast it on ourselves as a defence.

Over all nice job though. I like the ideas.

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 10:53AM

Actually no they are not the same.

Rewarding people the same means (from where I am comeing from) that you get X item for doing Y. Right now everyone gets X number of points for doing a random. However; someone who has a full set of gear better than what they can purchase with their points has less incentive run than someone for who all the gear is an upgrade. Perhaps saying that they view the points as more valuble than the well geared person. Another example could be a recipe. If X recipe has a chance to drop in Y instance, everyone has an equal chance to get it as a reward, but it certainly is going to be more attractive to someone who has the profession and can actually use, so they likely have much more incentive to grind for it than someone who just gets to vendor it.

So with the tank shortage, I would look for ways to offer rewards to everyone, but for whatever reason are more desirable to a tank. The Satchel of Helpful goods might be a good way to help with this. Set it up that everyone gets the Satchel, it has a chance to drop various things for various classes including some rare purples. Then, make some/one of the purples very attractive to tanks. Everyone still gets the reward, and a melee DPS might still be able to use the purple as an upgrade, so the rewards are as equal as random can be. But with some luck and balance the Tanks will hopefully have more incentive to run the random as the drops are just much more useful to them.

It does not have to be gear, it could maybe be a special new flask that you can only get from randoms. Everyone can get the item, for some it will be an ok item and get used, others will vendor it, but if it is good for tanks and that is the only source Tanks might be more inclined to run more often as it is more useful to them.

Or to put it really shorter put things in random heroics that Tanks really want. Give everyone the same chance to get it so the reward is the same, but since Tanks actively want the item, with some luck they will run more often to get said item they want.

Not everyone wants mounts. Every Tank that answers the CTA will get the same reward and chance for a mount, but how much of an incentive it is to run the CTA will very a fair amount form one tank to another. For some it will be a huge incentive, for some, not one at all. Same reward, different incentive.

I hope that makes a little more sense.

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 9:48AM The new call to arms was an ok idea on paper, but in practice it just has too many flaws. It is sorta like trying a new bandage on an oozing wound rather than looking for what is making the damn thing ooze in the first place. This should have been once piece of a much larger pie. Personally I would rather a system that strives to give tanks more incentive but rewards everyone equally rather than this only reward the tanks system, but ohh well.

And don't say there is nothing that Blizz can do, there are plenty of ideas floating around out there that can make the que better for everyone.

As for the vote kick. Lately I have been thinking that maybe we need a bifurcate group option. If a group is not getting along an option to split off into two groups, picking who goes where then each queing up again might help. It could really help in instance where vote kick is unlikely to help as people have allies in the group. Letting the two badies from the same guild stay together in one group, and the other three stay in another might be something that could work well. It might give us a better way to get out of groups we do not like and then no one has to fully start over.

Raid Rx: Raid healing horror stories that taught us a thing or two {WoW}

Mar 11th 2011 4:39PM My other half plays as a Druid healer. . . . hence he is frequently in tree form so you don't actually see his gear.

He spent we don't know how long (we fear it was months) raiding and healing in The Lovely Black Dress. We pugged in someone who asked over vent "Why is the one healer wearing a white item?" or who know how long until someone noticed. We still all give him crap for that one.