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The Queue: A ghost story {WoW}

Jan 20th 2011 12:47PM I am leveling another toon and I've noticed that dungeon experience has been toned down by a LOT!

First I get instant que because I am a tank. Then I take 2-3 quests at front of dungeon. Then we go through packs (like in BRD) then someone says : "I need to go afk" luckly it's not a healer so we proceed. If a healer goes afk it's 5 min wait or kick time. If you join a dungeon and go afk, I don't want to be stuck with suck player. Time is money and I don't want to stop in middle of dungeon waiting for you till you poop, eat, call your friends or watch your favorite show on TV.

So after 20 packs of mobs and finally killing a boss, I turn in quest and I get 7,000 exp and some crappy blue (mostly shoulders) but I already have BOA gear so I don't want those shoulders. Another disenchant. Time spent : 45 min - experience gained : around 10,000. If I was questing, I'd be a level higher by now. Those quests give 10,000 experience and you don't need to go through packs of mobs to get to your destination.

Breakfast Topic: Does WoW help you learn a foreign language? {WoW}

Jul 18th 2009 1:19PM I am originally from Russia playing on U.S. server. My old GM in my previous guild thought it was funny to make fun of people's accents. He was the cause why I rarely spoke on vent because of his rude behavior.