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The Queue: Portalclysm 2, the Portalening {WoW}

May 3rd 2011 12:14PM Finish Twilight Highlands for some very decent dps gear, while doing that queue up normal dungeons. doing normals will a) earn you some JP if they are lvl 85 normals which allow you to buy gear and b) learn the fights which is important if you want to contribute

the first tier of heroics has been nerfed quite a bit to be relatively easy which allows you to learn how to play your class in a group environment.

The Light and How to Swing It: Holy paladin patch 4.1 roundup {WoW}

May 1st 2011 5:31PM heh I don't know about not dispelling since that debuff increases NR dmg taken. i found the key to eagle boss is a) have no more then 2 in melee and b) managing the little brown eagles which hits for like 10 or 20K

The Light and How to Swing It: Nobody's wearing the Reinforced Sapphirium Regalia {WoW}

Mar 1st 2011 2:18AM and seemingly blizzard has woken up from their slumber and realised 4pc suck

latest changes in 4.1

The current Holy paladin 4-piece raid set bonus now grants 540 Spirit for 6 seconds after casting Holy Shock.

Totem Talk: Restoration shaman guide to Cataclysm reputation gear {WoW}

Dec 14th 2010 10:57AM Mastery also doesn't improve hot healing ( riptide or earthliving ) or ES while crit does. While having some mastery might not be so bad if you gave me an equal stat item but one has crit and one has mastery, I'll the crit anyday

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 files could point to Liara T'Soni DLC {Joystiq}

Apr 20th 2010 2:01AM err these files has been in the game since launch, heck if you read the bioware forum, there's about half a dozen threads pointing to it from 2 months back

Totem Talk: The Fury of the Elements {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 2:43AM honestly the best suggestion I've heard on the forums is to swap the 2 current talents we have

Int => mp5 = restor ( currently ele )
Int => spell dmg = ele ( currently restor )

with the IWS talent no longer being consumed it's become even more feasible for this to happen as well as stripping mp5 from most / all of the caster mail gear. restor will retain some mp5, ele will scale better and everyone is happy with their gear