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Officers' Quarters: On the brink {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 12:38PM I find that the easiest way to avoid this level of guild drama and tension is just to recruit slowly. Sounds like you did a massive recruitment drive to get up to 25 mans right away in 3.1, and so you never had a chance to really bond with the new people you were bringing in, because there were so many. My guild is still in the process of getting in to 25 mans. In the past 2 months we've gone from 11 main members to 22-24. We're on the verge of being able to do 25 mans as a guild. It took forever, and was quite frankly a little frustrating. But the positive side of it is that every member of the guild is comfortable with each other, and there is a lot of positive interaction among members. Plus, we've downed almost all the 10 man hard modes in the meantime!

If your priority is a stable, tight-knit guild, then rushing into 25s for the better gear isn't always the best option.