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Memorable PvP Moments? {WoW}

Jan 5th 2006 4:38PM Ok, I'll admit that I might not be justified in my actions, but it was sooooooo rewarding.

I have been ganked countless times. I mean ganked. I can count on my hands the number of times I have been attacked by ppl who actually who were close in lvl to me. I have been ganked by '??' Lvl horde so many times it makes me think that all the horde are ganking EXPLETIVES.

So anyways, I have a lvl 29 Night Elf Priest. Yeah, pretty easy to gank :P Well I had just come out of a great game of WSG. I started in SW, and it spit me out in Ashenvale. I had some new mail, so I was going to go to Astranaar.

I started running down to the main road, and there is a long single room building on your left, at the bottom of the hill. I hadn't explored it, so I went to the top of the ramp, and lo and behold, 3 horde, in the process of killing Sentinel NPC's.

I don't remember much. I don't remember the classes, but I saw my chance for sweet sweet revenge and I grabbed it with both hands. I'm sure this trio was out with a purpose, and I knew they had taken out at least 3, maybe 5 Sentinels, and I knew that those Sents weren't pushovers. The dust had just settled when I came upon them, and all 3 of them had less then 25% health. An orcish grin crept across my face, and my eye's lit all the more brighter. 3 cast's, and maybe 8 seconds later, Private 23 was facedown. A shield, a regen, and the same 8 seconds of pain caused Corporal 25 to feel my empathy. Just starting to get hot, I know, I just could feel Captain 29's twisted frustration. Like all good leaders at sea, he sunk with his vessel quest, down into the void.

I felt uninvited, so with the same brevity that I chanced upon the occasion, I departed on my path, with much justification in hand.

Gamestop gives Burning Crusade a release date {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2006 10:50AM I'm shocked that they are even asking any money at all for a freaking expansion! There is no way that 5 million members, paying $12 a month, (that's $60,000,000 a year)
can't pay for everything!

Then think about how much they will make when people upgrade! 5,000,000 x $40 = $200,000,00!!!

Good Lord! If I hit a brick wall in fun by July, maybe I'll think about it, but seriously this is game development, not overpriced Hollywood films.