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Breakfast Topic: Would you play a Worgen or a Goblin? {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 10:24PM i like that idea of the questing thing where as u quest u get to do thing where it makes u go to hord or alli.i think they should do that and also like as ur doing the quest ur looks change then like hord gob's wouldnt look like alli gobs and same with the wolves.i like the idea of have new things like that.and also the idea of be apart of BB..!!!thats it u can also start off at BB as gobs like a place where others cant be and same wth the wolfs like they have this one place under silverpine forest that they arnt doing anything whats it called agen,the graymane wall?any ways,they dont have anything there and stuff so they can start off ther.AND IF ANYONE KNOWS THE LORE BEHIND THAT WALL LIKE WHATS IT THERE FOR PLZ TELL ME THAT WOULD BE A NICE LORE THING WOW.COM!=D [warkings] us kilrogg