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The Queue: Saturday, what a day {WoW}

Sep 25th 2010 4:16PM When will the 'next' and 'previous' buttons match up with Joystiq's 'next' and 'previous' button scheme?
It seems like every blog out there has a different idea of what to call them, and which side of the page makes them show older posts vs. newer posts.

The Queue: A river runs through it {WoW}

Sep 18th 2010 11:48PM Will WoW Insider use the same system of 'next' and 'previous' pages that Joystiq uses?
Currently on, you push the 'next' button, which is in the bottom right to access older blog entries, and 'previous page' on the left gets you to newer blog entries.
On, you push the 'older posts' button, which is in the bottom left to access older blog entries, and 'newer posts' on the right gets you to newer blog entries.

So, can we get some standardization here? When I'm 3 or 4 pages in, I can never remember if the older posts are to the left or to the right. Are the older entries considered "next" or "previous"? I have to mouse-over the choices to see which page numbers show up.

It would be real nice if you guys picked a common convention and went with it.

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 12:46AM Yes, please!

Cataclysm Class Changes: Druid {WoW}

Apr 9th 2010 9:16PM I can see a forest of mushrooms around the base of the flags in WSG...

Leave a comment, win fabulous prizes! {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 9:41AM There be comments 'ere! Arr!

Patch 3.3.3 Going Live -- Patch 3.3.3 Guide {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2010 11:20PM From the patch notes:

"Many quests which require vehicles have had their vehicle mechanics updated and improved in the interest of fun."

I wonder what that means.

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 10:20AM This is a comment.

WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 11:11AM Yo quiero Taco Bell.

The Queue: 92 128 154 200 251 264 {WoW}

Mar 8th 2010 11:29AM Is it better to buy pvp mounts with tokens now or wait for them to be redeemable for honor and buy them after the patch?

AddOn Spotlight: Automaton {WoW}

Feb 25th 2010 6:12PM Reputation, Money, Experience, Stats & Attributes... All of these have numerical values that at some point may be mathematically operated upon by a player.
Calculators are designed to make this easier.
Seems like a no-brainer to me... But then I use another addon for my math needs, one which puts a graphical calculator on the screen, so it makes perfect sense to me to have a calculator addon handy.