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The Queue: Snape, snape {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 1:13AM This question may have already been answered some time ago and I have not yet stumbled on it yet.

Why are there not more weekend raiding guilds? I look on the wow forums and other raiding forums for raid guilds that don't start on the day of the reset. I understand the want to hit the content asap, but in all fairness if you are only dedicating 3 days to raid (Usually Tuesdays-Thursdays) why are there not more Friday-Sunday(or "off nights") Raid guilds?

I would think as a week/weekend cyclonic society that revolves around school and work schedules that more people would be available during the weekend to spend the time and dedicate it to such endeavors.

I've seen a few guilds crumble because people can't always make raid schedules during particular low tides in attendance (Due to over time at work, school projects, the ever popular "Not getting enough sleep in the week" etc.) and one thing leads to another and people get frustrated tempers flare and so forth.

And with that I don't see why people are not looking for and forming guilds that raid during the weekend or off raid days to allow the week to happen and have a better chance at a good raider turnout during the weekend...