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The purpose of Achievements, and how it's changed over time {WoW}

Aug 14th 2009 6:34AM "Endgame for everyone" doesn't apply when you introduce a system that lets players discriminate other players simply because they haven't played for as long.

My brother started playing WoW a few months ago and finally dinged 80 but now he's frustrated and probably going to quit because elitist jerks (every e-hero) refuse to go to a heroic with him because he hasn't already done them.

Personally I refuse to link my achievements, even at the expense of an instance run.

TurpsterVision: Multiboxing Unmasked {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 5:11PM It always amuses me that people like this think that they need to be adjusting the CPU affinity of anything, rather than allowing the automatic system to do it. Clearly *they* know more about process scheduling than the people that wrote the operating system.