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Jul 23rd 2009 4:08PM My question has to do with gear itemization. I understand Blizzard puts in gear with varied stats so you have in essence a mini-game of Loot-Tetris when trying to optimize your toon(s). I've read many posts about classes that are unhappy with the stats that are on pieces, and how higher ilvl gear can actually be downgrades to what they have (i.e. armor penetration on a tanking plate glove.......). So here's a question: Why doesn't blizzard do away with alot of the stat increases on gear, give you more gem sockets, and increase what gems grant? This way you could offer plate with +X Str, +Y Stamina, blue/yellow/red socket and you have gems that are 2-2.5 times better than what we have now. Want crit only... no problem! Want haste and mp5 only... still no problem! Wouldn't this solve the itemization problem, and give players the same Loot-Tetris fun?