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Armory Data Mining updated for patch 3.3.3 {WoW}

May 19th 2010 6:16PM I'm assuming that "Killing Blows" is in fact meant to be labelled "Honour Kills", due to the fact that otherwise every single player is killing six people before death, which would appear to be impossible.

Honour Kills would also be a much more useful stat. Killing Blows tells us less about how good a class is in a BG as much as it tells us about how often a class hits - basically how good it is a claiming the killing blow when the kill is a joint effort (as most kills in BGs are). For instance, a target dotted up by a warlock will be taking more or less a continuous stream of low-level damage, and because the lock is dealing damage so frequently to the target, it is more likely to claim the blow, even if overall the lock did very little to bring the target down. The same applies to rogues, who hit very frequently. On the other end of the scale, mages or shamans, who hit less frequently but for more each time, are less likely to get the killing blow, even if they're doing the majority of the damage.

Breakfast Topic: Unfinished business {WoW}

May 17th 2010 4:02AM Yes! The huge creepy cave with nothing in it but odd muttering... And the tauren-style farm down the coast with no one there. For anyone interested, it's at the the very southernmost point of Kalimdor. There's no way that I know of over the border in Silithus, so you have to run along the coast from Tanaris or Feralas.

Breakfast Topic: The cult of Warcraft {WoW}

Apr 28th 2010 9:31AM I try not to use WoWspeak IRL, though of course I slip occasionally. However, one real life homage I pay to the game is on my phone: the text alert is the Murloc aggro noise. I've met the odd WoW player through them recognising the noise when my phone goes off.

Arcane Brilliance: Why Mana Adept might not suck {WoW}

Apr 24th 2010 1:29PM Ah, now, I'd envisaged quite a different set-up for arcane from the one you mentioned. I was also extrapolating from those wonderfully vague sentences, but I'm operating here under two fundamental assumptions:

1) Mana spell costs are going to remain high enough to mean that you can't waste any mana regen from evo.

2) The damage bonus will not be an analogue value that changes gradually over time, but rather a set of brackets (e.g. 0-20% mana = X amount of damage, 20-40% mana = X+1 amount of damage, etc). I think this is a reasonable assumption to make, as otherwise it would force a player to do a vast amount of theorycrafting to maximise their dps, and Blizzard have stated that this is something they would like to see less of (hence the stat reforms to make the gameplay more intuitive).

With this in mind, I see Arcane's rotation unfolding as follows:

You start at 100% mana, and you are in the top damage bracket. You want to stay there for as long as possible. Therefore you use a less mana consuming rotation (e.g. drop the stack after 2 with a barrage, use Missiles whenever it's up etc) and gem as soon as you won't waste any. Your rotation means that you're doing less than maximum dps, but the mastery boosts that a sufficient amount to cause you to be actually doing more damage overall because you're staying in that top damage zone for longer.

As soon as you leave that top damage zone, or leave the zone where the mastery bonus will no longer patch up your rotation, your aim is to burn as fast as possible down to 40% and evocate back up. This will most likely involve straight Blast spamming, but who knows. You'll be losing mastery spell power, but the higher dps rotation makes up for this. The result is a fairly steady dps.

The thing is that it's more or less impossible to do any real theorycrafting without numbers. We can guess, but at the end of the day anything could happen, including the entire scheme being scrapped.

More thoughts on the Cat changes:

Arcane Brilliance: Why Mana Adept might not suck {WoW}

Apr 24th 2010 1:12PM "my mage is nearly always at full mana, even in the middle of battle."

Someone said this last week, and my response is the same: if you're not having any mana issues then you're doing it wrong. Either you've got a shoddy rotation, you've picked up the wrong talents, or you're stacking int.

And mage armour? Really? That's just shockingly bad.

A guide for the confused:

Blizzard bans 320,000 WarCraft III and Diablo II players {WoW}

Apr 21st 2010 1:43PM Ah, not having a chopper/mammoth I've not been able to do it myself, and so didn't realise that you couldn't get off the platform.

Oh, and @tatsumasa:

Haha, nice try.

Blizzard bans 320,000 WarCraft III and Diablo II players {WoW}

Apr 21st 2010 1:12PM Speed hackers? Haven't seen that one; what is it?

I've seen lots of people on mammoths/choppers getting out of the bubble early in EotS, though fortunately they seem not to be stupid enough to go and cap bases/flags in advance. Presumably that would be a permabanning offence?

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Apr 13th 2010 12:29PM

More Cataclysm Changes for mages {WoW}

Apr 10th 2010 6:46PM I hate to say it, but if you're not having to evocate as Arcane you're probably doing it wrong; either taking the wrong talents for maximum DPS, gemming for Int or using a shoddy rotation. Either that or you have no haste at all - as soon as you get any level of haste, or use IV or the engineering gloves or a black magic proc or whatever, you'll find that you're tearing through mana like no one's business. Even more so with the 2pt10 bonuses that give you 12% haste after a Missiles cast.

If I'm wrong then please correct me, because I'd love to emulate you! But I just can't see how it can be done. Mana management is a real part of the rotation, and if you haven't noticed it yet, then I'm afraid something's going wrong somewhere. Sorry.