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Watch Cataclysm's ending cinematic {WoW}

Dec 1st 2011 7:22AM Sam, not much, no... guess that is why the original poster wrote "and completely gutted his characterization through this entire expansion"
It felt like he hardly was IN the expansion, or it felt like he was just some brainless, mute danger flying around. If you read the novels (i.e. WotA)... well, he wasn't the central figure in there, but he was presented as a cunning mind, crazy but also quite smart, ending up entirely evil.
Does his craziness mean he is nothing more than just some big slobbering shell during the Cataclysm? He was one of the Aspects, the guy who made the Demon Soul, and I think there was quite some potential for a story, even if it was just a tribute to a fallen guardian who has been around for millenia.
Right now, it looks as if all through Cataclysm, after destroying a bunch of stuff, he simply flew around a bit, setting stuff on fire, then was killed, and immediately forgotten while the Aspects lost their powers and announced that the "age of the mortals" has begun.
I have read the novels back then, and I think there would have been some interesting potential for DWs character, even if the whole point of the expansion was to kill him.
Now it seems as if Blizz cut out any plans and finished him off quickly, or they did plan to portray him as nothing more than a powerful, yet totally brainless keg of dynamite flying around.
It all seems rushed, and I dont think this is a fitting conclusion for this whole storyline which people have read and wondered about for years. But then again, I guess thats ok, as some people seem to like how this went, and I frankly stopped wondering or caring about what happened to storytelling and storylines in Cataclysm.

Spiritual Guidance: Mists of Pandaria spell and talent changes for shadow priests {WoW}

Nov 24th 2011 8:21AM I am torn on this issue, really. I do hope that there indeed will be more changes to this, and that they will really do collect feedback and change stuff.
I do understand those that say "We dont want no hybrid tax, we want max DPS, so if they take away the non-DPS stuff, even better!"
At the same time, there are people (like me) who like to play a hybrid for the versatility and the unique flavor. Druids apparently will get an ability to be able to heal or tank for a short time in emergency situations, and that suits me well.
I know that in some fights, the more DPS you have, the better, and I know that in, say, a raid-boss-fight, an off-healing DPS won't change much until the boss is insanely low in health, but: In many other situations, such as PUGs, soloing etc, I always loved to be able to do some emergency healing/CC/tanking if needed.
Not every time, but the ability to throw a heal or two to make sure we get the boss down even with a dead healer is something I enjoy. Some people dont like that playstyle, but many others do, they enjoy being able to do stuff like that, and I would find it very sad if that was taken away.
Nothing I can do if GC and Blizz really feel like doing that, just saying Id miss it, because its one of the reasons i enjoy my "hybrids" so much

5 reasons you should love Cataclysm {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2011 4:54AM I totally, totally agree! Its one thing that bothers me a LOT, especially since Im a certified altoholic.
See, I have 10 85s now, so certainly, I did a lot of the 80-85 questing on each of those, and the "railroading" bothered me a lot. Its not that I hate all the new zones or storylines, I dont, I did like them the first time, but after going through TH and/or Uldum so many times, I dread going there. Some people say "Duh, if you dont like TH, hit 85 in Uldum", yet I was even more bothered after the second time I leveld through Uldum by the amount of cutscenes.

Now, regarding the revamped old zones, who have the same system going on, its the same thing. Only one of my chars was new, I deleted a 40+ one to start a rogue and lvl him through the new zones. I did, and now it MIGHT be ok to do it again with another char, this time going a different route (i.e. leveling an Alliance char in Kalimdor, starting in Darkshore, instead of Westfall etc), but I dont think Id enjoy it as much. I also went for Loremaster and so I did all the revamped zones and wouldnt like it again.

YES, the old zones, in their old state, HAD problems. Lots of travelling, some rather tedious quests, sometimes you had a hard time getting that last bit of XP to finally get to OL, and of course, stuff was outdated.
And YES, I do see that the "unlock this quest, so you get two more, which you HAVE to do in order to get a new one for each" might be nice for focussed storytelling or help guide a player, but it really IS too predictable the second or third time around.

Its amazing how much like a fresh breath of air it felt once I got to OL and NR, because I felt like I had much more of a choice, and: this might be only me, but I do enjoy loading up my questlog with 10-12 quests, doing them in one run, coming back and handing in all those quests all at once. The "hand in by phone" system cuts out a lot of the travelling forth and back, but its not the same.

So I do WISH there was a system to pick either one or the other when you level or quest somewhere, either "old system/quests" or new ones, but ofc that would be impossible.

I LOVE lore and storytelling, I do enjoy being an altoholic, but I very much prefer the system we still have in NR, for example: Lots of quests available right away, the possibility to skip quite a few but not all, optional quest hubs like the tower in IC (where Tirion is) etc. The new system might be great to take new players by the hand and guide them step by step, or it might be nice for storytelling, but, as someone said, its like watching the same movie over and over.

The Queue: Almost 7 years since release {WoW}

Nov 21st 2011 12:26PM Also, there always is the difference between the more vocal guys (it usually seems to be more tempting to complain and go "OMG my class is broken, OMG fix this or that" than the silent players who dont feel like posting on the forums a lot, or dont feel like its worth the effort. Sure, if you think like that, you cant complain, but... just one example: A lot of people are not too fond of the "Go! Go! Hurry up" mentality that seemed to get worse after the LFD came in.
Sure, rushing through a simple instance makes sense, but we know the kind of ninja-pulling, not watching the healers mana, insulting players who do less DPS or ask for a quick break.
Then, we get challenge modes which require you to hurry. Sure, you CAN do them with a guild group, and they ARE a choice, but of course, a lot of people seem to want to do them, and so those will be even more "Go! GO!" like. I know quite a lot of people who disliked the idea right away, as in "What, we already have so many rushers around, and no we get rewarded for it?"

Also, lets not forget it sometimes is TOUGH to balance it. Sometimes, the playerbase is divided at, say, a 20:80 ratio, but sometimes its 50:50, so when a change comes around, half of them go "AWESOME!", while the others scream bloody murder again.
One example? When they announced a revamped Scholomance at Blizzcon, a lot of people cheered...not only at the fact there will be a new version, but also at the "we made it easier to navigate" part.
However, I know lots of people (and I am that way too) who love those old instances and like them more than the "long hallway with two bends, loots at that corner and the end" type instances. So not all of us are happy that apparently, they will redesign Scholomance to be more streamlined, hopefully not another "hallway with trash-boss-take a turn-hallway with trash-boss" thing.
It wasn't THAT hard to navigate IMO, and I dunno, it added to the atmosphere that this old castle/fortress has several floors, twists and bends etc. I can understand that people look forward to V2.0, but a lot of other people dont want the instances reshaped that way.
So... its not that Blizz doesnt listen, its just that sometimes, the naysayers or complainers may be more vocal or it might seem they are the majority, and sometimes, it just is a 50:50 thing where there will be just as many disappointed people as there are happy ones.

The Queue: Almost 7 years since release {WoW}

Nov 21st 2011 12:14PM I dont know what skill lvl or lvl in general you need to be, but are you sure you want to raise the skill with DM dailies? I mean, it IS an option, but the DMF will only be available for a few days each month, and if you do the daily each day... I am not sure how much progress you would see. It might be nice to get like 5-10 points while the Faire is open, on top of whatever else you do there, but lvling skill with dailies can be very time-consuming... raising cooking mainly with cooking dailies takes a LONG time for example.
Grinding for mats and then crafting can be mind-numbing (yet cheaper than buying, considering the prizes for, say, OL and NR mats right now), but quicker than getting a skill point per day with a daily...just my opinion though =)

Breakfast Topic: Are players becoming too entitled? {WoW}

Nov 17th 2011 10:40AM I think that in some cases, it's not the question "do they make it TOO easy", the problem sometimes is a bit of see-sawing... in Wrath, we had all those portals to major cities, then suddenly, they take them out again, increasing travel time again. So you HAD the convenience before, and suddenly it's gone (or at least limited... yes, we have portals to the Cata zones, but if you i.e. wanna quickly go from SW to Shattrath, or from, say, IF to Dal and back, its a bit more difficult).
I understand they wanted to enforce the fact SW was supposed to be our main-hub again, but I totally understand why players complained, because it seemed like a step back.
Also, yes, it might be a bit more "realistic" to have travel-times, or it might give you a bit of a break in between, but I recently went back for a few days to LOTRO, and the travel times there can be horrendous (not every route has a quick travel-option)... like a ride from one end of Forochel to the other took SO long, and it made you think "OK, I really really wish theyd cut it down, as I dont wanna have a 2x 5min pause just to hand in a quest"
Compared to that, WOW isnt quite as bad, but first giving us those portals, then removing them is one example of it going backward, and that of course guarantees complaints, and those I didnt find unjustified.

Or tier gear.. in Wrath, you could get a whole set just by farming points, in Cata we have the "yeah, here are your 4 pieces. What? Want a helmet and shoulders? Well, you better look at the PVP stuff, or run Zul'Agains... or raid". Lots of people seem to be a bit unhappy about that, after they were able to farm up their full sets before

Not ALL of it is that case, sometimes I think "Oh my, was it really necessary to make this even easier?", but its not just "Oh, Blizz is just handing out freebies the whole time"

Spiritual Guidance: A shadow priest's first look into the Raid Finder {WoW}

Nov 17th 2011 10:22AM Very good point, I guess I should have considered that distinction ("hating raiding" and "hating the Raid FiNDER").
I think though that even those that never raided know at least a little bit about how much work it can be, and that it usually requires at least a bit of coordination. Its true for PUGs too... you run a heroic with your guildies, you wokr together and communicate, and suddenly its easier than that PUG-run with that hunter who kept pulling more adds, the healer who doesnt know any of the fights etc.
So I do hope that, once people new to raiding, try out the RF, they will at least have a general idea that what they experience is not comparable to running that raid with a team of people that always raids together, knows each others weaknesses and strengths, watches out for each other, doesnt rip your head off for mistakes, and doesnt give up on the very first wipe. There's always hope, right? =)

Spiritual Guidance: A shadow priest's first look into the Raid Finder {WoW}

Nov 17th 2011 10:18AM Quote "And THANK YOU for not being that guy who says "if you don't raid, you don't need good gear."

Of course! I totally understand why people who don't raid want that gear. You hit the nail right on the head: in heroics, you may even get ridiculed if you don't have gear like that. Even though the average ilvl has gone up, people wanna go through these heroics as quickly as possible, and some right away roll their eyes (and even tell you so, and a lot of nasty stuff) if you DARE to go in in greens and stuff.

Also, not everyone wants to or can raid (time commitment etc), and for many of those people, one of their goals is to get the best gear possible. Sure, you might say "Yeah, but that gear is for raiding", but I totally understand why someone wants to get the best gear he/she can without stepping into raids... its an accomplishment, something to strive for. Some people go for the very edge of endgame, and the gear that drops there, but for those that dont or cant go there, having the best gear you can get from heroics or JP/VP is THEIR goal, and I think that totally should be respected.

I am sure there also are a lot of players who just look for the best looking gear, even if it is not BiS, they just want some nice-looking stuff, and are happy with that. The game offers so many different goals, whether its the final endgame, achievements, loremaster, strange long trip, earning more gold, and I think all of those totally deserve respect and shouldn't be frowned on or ridiculed... on both sides! =)

"This is a good way to push people to go in when they are not prepared/ don't really want to. "

Aye, totally. i wish it was more like "OK, here is the raidfinder, lets try how it works, this is for all of you who always wanted to raid but couldnt get a raid together etc, and those of you who dont wanna try raiding with 24 total strangers and a possibly totally chaotic group, you can still get your tier-stuff with VP, maybe we switch that option off later". This is "Here is the raid finder, let's see how it works, and oh, if you want any tier-gear, you have to use it". Understandable, but I still wish they would introduce it more step-by-step

Spiritual Guidance: A shadow priest's first look into the Raid Finder {WoW}

Nov 17th 2011 7:10AM Quote from the article: "These new players are going to hate raiding."

Are you sure it is only going to be those new players? Because I worry that some of the experienced raiders will not exactly be patient either. Sure, they know what raiding requires and are used to wiping, but most of them come from raiding guilds, with structures, certain benchmarks and expectations, and a way to deal with players who dont "play along".
I am pretty sure a lot of them will lose their patience rather quickly, expecting everyone to push that and that much DPS or have the reaction-times of an experienced raider.
So even though those new to raiding will get frustrated soon, I think a lot of them are aware it won't be that easy, and will put in some efforts, while I expect some of the more experienced guys to be the first to go "Fail raid, bb"

Spiritual Guidance: A shadow priest's first look into the Raid Finder {WoW}

Nov 17th 2011 7:02AM One more thing: I CAN see it work if like, I dunno, 7, 8 people (or even less?) people from the same guild queue together, hopefully with some experience with those raids, and them trying to coordinate stuff, but 25 total strangers, some of them either lacking the experience (which is ok, you have to get started somehow) or lacking the right attitude? I really dont know...