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Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 5:37PM Oooh me me me me me!

All the World's a Stage: Possibilities for worgen and goblins {WoW}

Jul 26th 2009 11:39PM I'm suspecting the worgen and the goblins as well.
It helps to explain the reaction Blizzard also took to the tamed worgen hunters acquired. Blizzard took a stance on it that they were never meant to be tamed and have even turned them into wolves.
We have Gilneas right south of Silverpine, that and naga infested Kul'tiras would make a great starting area.

My thought is that perhaps the Gilneans haven't locked themselves away to keep others out, but perhaps to keep themselves in. Many stories have featured people that turn into werewolves locking themselves in cages to protect others from their bloodlust.

Someone on the forums had even pointed to the Lands of Conflict RPG book, which had an article also backing up the possibility

It's possible with the cure comes the side effect that they'd no longer transform, but be trapped in wolf form. Cured and with their minds intact they then rejoin the Alliance.

With Blizzard trademarking Cataclysm, I don't really get a Maelstrom vibe. The Cataclysm created the Maelstrom, it isn't the Maelstrom. I'm kinda hoping for a Caverns of Time entrance to 10,000 years in the past, the first coming of the Burning Legion, the Time of the Cataclysm and perhaps the Infinite Dragonflight trying to undo it all. It'd take a lot of work as the world would have to be remade whole, but the work would pay off. An Emerald Dream expansion would benefit from the world having already been remade, as it also features the world whole.

The Maelstrom would make for some very cool instance and raid content, but I can't see it being the center of a full expansion.

Ah also that post someone linked to from here that had all the Blues on the Forums acting silly in a post asking for the Greymane wall to be opened and another commenting on the old world needing to be expanded upon.

I'm hoping for Worgen.