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Blood Pact: Dark Intent update and T13 gearing {WoW}

Jan 1st 2012 5:04AM Being the GL of a lock lvling guild/raiding guild I always simply tell people "It is a matter of DoTs and HoTs, who ever puts the most of either is a good choice, S Priests then Resto Droods." DI goes on who ever is in the group with the most DoTs or HoTs, if that is a healer or a DPS depends on the group composition, if there is a DPS that will work they get 1st priority.

One could argue over helping another DPS shorten the fight, but the bottom line is that I am there to do as much damage as I can, and a healer that can get something out of it is also helping survivability.

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The Raid Finder, the Dungeon Finder, point caps and you {WoW}

Jan 1st 2012 4:41AM * shouldn't be so low

(Need an edit button.)

The Raid Finder, the Dungeon Finder, point caps and you {WoW}

Jan 1st 2012 4:39AM I think the best way to resolve the issue of "end of cap oddities" is to make it a soft cap, that allows any 1 thing that goes over (non-LFR) to just go over the cap. IE if you do your 4th Random you could get +100 or your 7th you could get +50. This would allow you to get the full reward for your effort. As to if the cap should exist. . . I personally don't think it should be so low, 1 piece of gear (1650 or less) is fair. But again the cap is really there (not as a punishment) to slow down progression so that people have to experience the content, so if it stops people from moving too fast so they "have to experience" what they are paying for as Bliz wants then they are achieving that while boring people by slowing them down.

But I ask this. . .once you have killed DW on heroic will you want to do it again or will you go play another game?

Blood Pact: Looking at the developer's Q&A {WoW}

Nov 14th 2011 9:01PM I believe that, based on their explanation, Demonic Fury, which will be generated by certain spells as well as your pet's attacks, and will work similar to rage for warriors. All of your abilities while in Meta, will use it, some outside of meta will to. It will also feed off of your Mastery.

Some one WILL come up with what pet is the best DPS for single target, and obviously the FG will continue as THE AoE pet (no brainer there, and there isn't a spec/class out there that competes with Demo for AoE (personal best at iLvl 373 was 180k against the scorps in FL)). I hope they DO get rid of twisting, although I don't do it.

What I am curious about, is the upgraded pets, is that going to be a duration CD or a permanent change to your pet? The description seems a bit vague.

I don't think they should equalize the pets DPS, as I have stated in the past, I am not a huntard. But Bliz seems hellbent on doing it any way, so the question becomes, will my Demon hit harder than a BM's wolf? or will Bliz decide that a wolf with little teeth has a harder bite than my FG hits with his axe that is the size of said wolf?

Ready Check: The human element of the Raid Finder {WoW}

Nov 11th 2011 9:22PM None of this even breaches the communication issue, WHO'S VENT DO WE USE?!?!? My guild (Locks of Locks) has a vent that will handle up to 16 people, because we have 2 10 man teams. IS communication going to be unnecessary because it is a 25? The voice setup that Bliz has in the game is crapy, and I wouldn't want to give my vent out to total strangers any way, we already have had problems with people using our vent with out permission, we just change the pass. So the question of who is leading isn't even relevant until this basic question is resolved, and as we all know communication is key to any successful raid.

Class Balance Q&A: Druid {WoW}

Nov 10th 2011 5:34PM I am ok with turning into a Cat and opening a can of WA, but if I am expected to heal or do ranged, just because I can, though less effectively, then I am not ok with that. And I DO have a max lvl Rogue, I also have a Hunter, Dk, Lock, Warrior, and Druid, all of which are raid geared (at least t11). All I am saying is the expectations of a raid leader can drive people to do things that they don't want constantly, and I can see that as a problem. What I see Bliz doing is making Druids a pure utility class.

Class Balance Q&A: Druid {WoW}

Nov 9th 2011 9:31PM I think that most people will not like having to change their rolls constantly to be something else, I don't mind going cat to help meet a DPS requirement for an enrage timer, or being in cat and going bear to take up a tank spot cause a tank died and the Brez has been used. But I hate to heal and I don't care for Balance, IF I want to be ranged I'll bring my lock or hunter, I can see where raids will expect people to do things they don't want to just because they can. I would rather see 1 lvl 90 talent that allows for that and 2 that are better for mDPS/Tank or rDPS/Heals.

Blood Pact: Learning from the witch doctor {WoW}

Oct 4th 2011 6:58PM I personally love the idea of using a soul to make the curses better, maybe curse of toungs becomes undispellable, or Exhaustion makes the target unable to move (similar to a root), as for elements, makes it explode (when removed) doing the extra damage it has allowed (divided evenly) to all enemies in X radius.
Doing this for us would make Soulburn far more useful (not just in PvP) but also allow us to use those spells far more often.
I do love the comparison between WoW and D3, I now know which too to make 1st when D3 hits the shelf.

Blood Pact: Looking at tier 13 bonuses {WoW}

Sep 27th 2011 6:26PM This 2 piece bonus would complete the cycle for this x-pac. Bliz likes cycles, last x-pac went through the same cycle if I recall correctly, started with Destro as top DPS, then Aff was top, and finished with Demo as top. And this x-pac has seen Destro and Aff as top DPS, so now it is Demo's turn.
It would also help with the steep drop off of Demo's initial burst, the way things are now when I start a boss fight I blow all of my CDs up front exploding my DPS to 37-39k, but as my Meta comes down and all of the rest of my CDs drop off it reduces and I end some where around 22-24k (usually in the middle of the pack). So by extending the duration of 1 CD they may help me stay closer to 30k at the end of the fight. I don't know what the expected minimum DPS out put for the bosses will be but I would think it will be closer to 30k than 20k.
As an additional point, our Aff lock tends to smoke me in DPS (finishes most bosses at 24k+) and is geared roughly the same as I am, we both have an average iLvl of 371.

Know Your Lore: The Kor'kron, fists of the Warchief {WoW}

Sep 7th 2011 10:39PM It is probably a good thing that Saurfang stayed in NR, I doubt he would have been happy with Hellscream's version of the Horde. Although he would do his duty, I don't believe he would have been happy about it. I hope he comes back to Org when Go'el returns to retake his title as warchief.

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