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WoW Insider's BlizzCon reader meetup update {WoW}

Oct 18th 2010 1:43PM Awwww! We have the Chairty Dinner that night! Hopefully after the dinner you guys will still be around!

WoW, Casually: Playing with your reading-age child {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 11:04AM I am absolutely amazed with the post I have read!

Amazed in a wonderful way with the people who respect freedom of choice to raise our children the way we feel is appropriate.

Also amazed and the immaturity of people and the lack of knowledge in this generation we currently live in.

I am a mother of 5 children (3 are step children but mine none the less). Our 14 year old plays wow she hit 80 in June. She is mature and responsible at the same time she still giggles when she jumps on her blood elf and she twirls around. She has made plenty of friends in wow as well, Is wow her life though? Of course not, she has plenty of friends outside of the game that she does things with. Oh and believe it or not our 19 year old who grew up playing Ultima online since he was 7 and had played wow since it came out is in COLLEGE... That’s right assholes out there who have no idea what you are talking about, just because your child plays an MMO does not mean he or she is going to grow up to be an idiot and if you think that then you really need to take a look at yourself and ask “what’s wrong with me”.
Our 9 year olds play Free Realm which was mentioned above and is like wow-lite. They get to make their own characters and get pets, change their clothes, receive a home. My 7 year old plays webkinz and build a bear virtual zone where he gets to have his own home a his bear he made in the store online with him as well. I am not ready for either one of them to play wow in their free time yet. That does not mean I do not let them do things in wow, their little faces light up when I say "ok ok hit the levitate button and jump off that mountain.." Does that mean they are going to go climb a mountain and jump off?? No and if your afraid you child would do something like that then you have raised them wrong. I have told all my children about mmo’s and the difference between fantasy and reality. That is a parent’s responsibility and it has been for years and years and years. I did not see parents say oh you can not watch peter pan because you might try to jump off the roof and fly and even if they did Disney still made it and Disney is approved by even the most pristine moms and dads.

I would just like to say we are all entitled to our opinions and just because I have yet to let my 7 or 9 year olds play does not mean that I do not respect the parents that do. the rest of mine will be playing shortly, it is a family hobby. No different if I was sitting down on the floor looking at a coin collection with them or outside building a car and having my child learn to do that as some parents do. This article in no way said “Please make sure your 2-16 year olds play wow” It went over the appropriate ways to play with your pre-teens and the article before your preschools if you choose to do so.

Wonderful article thanks for sharing!