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Addon Spotlight: Community Choice 2 {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 10:50AM There were a bunch of class specific addons based around spheres, the one I knew about was totemus for shamans. The idea is you have submenus of buttons that raidate out from the centre. For example in totemus you had a submenu for fire totems and then the head button would change to the last used fire totem as well as letting you close/open the submenu.

The large centre sphere has 2 gauges on it, typically used for health and mana/rage/etc but there is a whole range of things it can show including exp, reputation, pet health. It also functions like a button (although can't have a ctrl modifier applied to it as that launches the config menu). I think you can get rid of the gauges and scale it independently of the other buttons if you don't like it being so large. You can place whatever icon you want on it but it defaults to your class icon to help you remember what alt you are playing!

Addon Spotlight: Community Choice 2 {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 9:39AM Lunarsphere comes empty but has class templates that it recommends for first time users. Its also very easy to delete buttons (I sometimes find its a bit too easy) so you can load a template then strip out what you don't want.

WoW, Casually: Playing with your reading-age child {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 4:37PM Actually if you know your way round mods then you could quite easily create a delay for chat. I've created mods that copy across guild chat to different accounts, adding in a delay wouldn't be hard and to filter you simply turn it off till things calm down.