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Shifting Perspectives: Avoid these common balance druid mistakes {WoW}

Sep 9th 2011 7:21PM One little note about haste breakpoints. There ARE lots of times when worring about them is needed. sure we stack haste on haste on haste. But we can't forget about Int. Int > All. Many times we as boomkins reach a point in our gear (like the point I'm at right now) where we have a high iLvL piece (391) that doesn't have haste and a lower iLvL peice that does. many times demanding on the reforgings and the int differance using the 391 will be better. But if it drops you below a haste breakpoint that is not the case. I'm running 2460 haste right now and this is with tier (not ideal) legs. When I get DI however it becomes possible to reach the 2639 breakpoint, with a switch of legs. Things like this are always fun to look out for.

Sneak Peek: 1Password 3.0 + secret beta-enabler tweak {}

Jul 31st 2009 5:20PM Thumbnails not working