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WoW Rookie: Are you ready for heroics and raiding? {WoW}

Mar 17th 2011 5:40PM I agree and disagree with this.

Though I agree it isn't a good practice to use pvp gear for tanking, the threat and eh jump from a 318 piece to a 363 piece can be worth it. Just make sure the other stat (beside resil, which is complete useless) is, ideally, mastery or hit/exp. You can also reforge that stat to be mitigation/avoidance.

But don't let yourself be fooled tha you a running in epics. Same goes with dps gear.

WoW Rookie: Are you ready for heroics and raiding? {WoW}

Mar 17th 2011 4:15PM bah, reply fail.

WoW Rookie: Are you ready for heroics and raiding? {WoW}

Mar 17th 2011 4:14PM I just leveled a vacation toon (away from my normal faction and guild) and here's my experiences from being a noob tank to raid ready this past week:

1. Do your research. See what factions give you usable iLvl 333 gear at honored. Start with their tabard first. Next check which faction gives you the head enchant, then iLvl 346 gear and so on. If you are a plate tank, you can get away with wearing dps gear. Just be sure to reforge unnecessary stats like crit or haste into whatever is the best mitigation or avoidance stat.

2a. Keep running regulars as you level and once you hit 85 until you are over an average iLvl of 329. Besides getting gear you will be getting experience. As a tank, the first thing you want to do upon entering is size up your group to see who has what cc or utility abilities.

2b. If you have guildies to run with, awesome. If not, communicate with your PuG healer, s/he is the most important part of your team as far as you are concerned. If dps is being stupid and die, oh well. If healer is getting beat on, that's on you.

3. Once you hit iLvl 329, dive into heroics. Don't be scared, you'll need a tough skin for the remainder of your tanking career. Check your reps to see if you are almost revered with anyone that can give you some iLvl 346 gear; if not, start the long grind to exalted to receive your first shiny purples.

4. Check wowhead's advance search to see what instances drop ideal loot for you. After you do your random heroic for the day, queue for those specific instances and pray to whatever gods you may have. Check in with the justice vendor and upgrade anything below iLvl 333 first, then replace dps gear. Keep running heroics. If you are blood dk, congratulations, you have the most OP tank at this gear level, jus stack a crapload of mastery and spec into lichborne.

5. Once you breach an average iLvl of 341, try to get in an Argaloth run, but be sure you know the mechanics (hint: tank swap happens after Meteor Slash). Keep running heroics, but at this point you should need less CC, if any. I always start with CC to gauge the competence of the DPS and the ability of the healer. Always listen to your healer and keep an eye on their mana.

tl;dr do your research, run instances nonstop and listen to your healer.

WoW Rookie: Are you ready for heroics and raiding? {WoW}

Mar 17th 2011 4:13PM @Boobah I have to respectfully disagree with that statement. On my first run of Argaloth on my Blood DK, the other tanks healer did about 800++k healing on his paly tank (who I don't think was very good, anyway. Never once used WoG). I was second on healing received from my healer due to heavy mastery stacking. The key to DK tanking isn't necessarily the self heals (though you can pull yourself from 5% to 100% with the right spec and all your cds), but rather the blood shield from mastery which can make physical damage laughable.

Encrypted Text: 5 tips for heroic rogues {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2010 2:57PM A couple of other things to keep in mind:

If you ever fall below 50% health and you notice the tank has as well, stop your rotation and start healing via recuperate and even possible bandaging. You are now responsible for your own survival for the most part and I don't just mean staying out of the fire.

Dismantle can do wonders on certain mobs and on some bosses.

Glyph of Blind is awesome for correcting that Lock who decided to dot up the sheep target.

As said above, FEINT! It is that important.

Personally, I like to save Combat Readiness and Evasion for one of two things: expected, nearly unavoidable damage (remember CR needs time and damage to build up) and preventing a wipe. As long as everyone doesn't take off and the healer has some faith in you, it is quite possible to tank mobs and even some bosses for a good deal of time using your defensive CDs. Just remember to prioritize a 5 cp Recup in there as soon as possible.

Some of the bigger mobs that have uninterruptable abilities can still be stopped with stuns.

Smoke bomb can work wonders on tricky pulls where no LoS is available otherwise.

Breakfast Topic: Gotta go! {WoW}

Jun 6th 2010 9:58AM Know what's worse than having someone drop group unexpectedly without warning? Being a whiny d(ouche)ps that takes the came waaaaay too seriously. C'mon, snork-lover, this article was all about turning a regretable turn of events into a possibly humorous annectdote for those that are the unwitting receipients of your untimely departure. It wasn't about funny ways to grief people in LFD or techniques for lying to strangers when you have better things to do.

As a wise internet scholar once said: L2read, brah!

Flipside of the topic, I once had someone banging on the door right after a pull in a 25-man PuG (think it was when Toravon first came out.). I shouted "Who is it?" to which the reply was "The police." Not sure what I was thinking, but I retorted with "Can you hold on a couple minutes? I'm finishing an important conference call?"

It wasn't anything major at the time, but looking back I feel a bit idiotic for not abandoning my healing duties for what could potentially be serious RL aggro...

Pimp My Profile: Dyskograf, Mutilate rogue {WoW}

Mar 31st 2010 8:39PM I'm surprised no one has mentioned that he should switch from the lightning reflexes build to the old relentless strikes/opportunity spec. His gear progressing the way it is (i.e. heroics rather than raiding) he'd probably get more bang for the buck focusing on more reliable energy gains than he will from the haste increase.

Of course, once you start pushing the iLvl of your gear past 232 than you'd have to switch back.

Encrypted Text: My favorite rogue addons {WoW}

Mar 31st 2010 3:10PM I can't play without IceHuD. It wasn't until patch 3.3.3 wrecked it's functionality for a short period of time that I realized this.

For those that haven't tried or heard of it, it basically gives you a very customizable heads up display. As a Mut Rogue, it's fantastic as you can easily keep an eye on your own health, energy, snd & hfb timers as well as cps without taking your eyes away from the center of the screen.

Throw in a stripped-down ClassTimers for debuffs and envenoms and you're all good.

I just recently switched to Skada, so I don't know much about it. Is the threat component built in or do you need an extra element?

Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Updated patch notes {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 9:37AM you've been able to, if they are disarmable in the first place.

at least I've caught Skadi before. looked pretty damn ridiculous.

as for the Warriors, sorry about the nerf, but it is pretty warranted. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to be disarmed. but crying about Rogues . . . really?

Cataclysm: Stat and system changes for prot warriors {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 6:34PM AHH THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!

all these changes make perfect sense to me. they are making block and parry attractive stats and leveling the playing field on health to improve pvp. tanks will still be tanks for the same reason they alway have been: they're uncrittable, damaging-mitigating threat machines.

i'd much rather worry about balancing my gear around different variations of mitigation, avoidance and threat then trying to figure out how to eke out the most stamina.

as for other classes being able to tank heroics when they out gear it, i think that's awesome as it it will make the queue time that much shorter when i want to PuG with a dps toon.