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Scattered Shots: Hunter Q&A Part 1 {WoW}

Jul 31st 2009 9:08PM The reason why hunters hate the dead zone is because we're the only ranged class that cannot deal our best kind of damage(i.e ranged) at melee range. Warlocks, mages, boomkins... every other ranged DPS class can still do damage in melee while we cannot.

A ranged class should be in dire straights in melee, this is true. However, hunters are in worse straights than a warlock or a mage in the same situation. I don't think that point blank shooting is the answer, as that would cause hunters to be severely OP(we have enough instant shots that if we could shoot them in melee, it would effectively negate the disadvantage of being in melee). I have always liked the idea that a hunter can melee effectively in a pinch, and that's what I think the answer should be. How to do this is the difficult part, and we'll have to see how Blizzard puts that into the game.

If done properly though, it will give the hunter the chance to do some damage in melee, but not nearly enough to match their ranged power in an extended fight, thereby still forcing skilled hunters to try to get to range.