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World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Mage Guide {WoW}

Aug 4th 2009 5:28PM sry man, but ur wrong. if u add up the stats, replenishment nerf doesnt touch the mana redcutions mages have got. Take this for example

Frostbolt mana cost has been reduced from 13% of base mana to 11% of base mana.
the cast time is 2.5sec

if we cast frostbolt 6 times in 15sec, we have saved ourselvs 12% of base mana.
the nerf makes replenshment replensh 3% of total mana every 15sec, which is reduced by .75% over 15sec.

my personal intellect is 177 base + 665 with a total of 842.
simple math
842 % 0.75 = 6.315
177 % 12 = 20.54

sooooooo yeah. you save 20.54 intellect with mana reduction in 3.2 (every 15sec), and the nerf removes 6.315intellect you would of regenerated(every 15sec), making 3.2 wayy better for mana for mages. sucks for everyone else though.

these numbers deffer slightly depending on your intellect, but overall its around the same.