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Spiritual Guidance: Triage {WoW}

Apr 25th 2010 7:06PM I have been playing since late beta on my priest. Went into Beta with her and recreated her at launch. I remember the days of vanilla healing and it was NOT pretty at all. The idea was fine and unfortunately very similar to the idea being passed around now. You have a set of spells for different situations, cast the right ones at the right time on the right people(s) and things are good. Mess up and you go OOM, actually back in vanilla you went OOM regardless and healer rotations were needed. All that for a lack of a better term sucked. I like the idea, it sounds pretty and awesome but if implemented incorrectly could kill priests. All of the healers minus the priest have a small set of spells (compared to the priest). Having a pally decide between flash of light and holy light...not hard or a druid deciding between what HoT...again easy times. Back in vanilla people loathed playing a priest because of the difficulty. If they implement this incorrectly and we priests have to decide which one of myriad of spells to cast every sec on which player(s) it is going to kill the class. I play the game for fun, I enjoy healing but I also enjoy the semi mindlessness of it. The other issue is if healing becomes a great challenge it will drive some players to the less challenging roles of DPS or maybe even tanks depending on how they get worked out.

My suggestion to blizzard is to open the dev testing and ideas to a broader base so it can be implemented correctly and not just make healing hard which could kill priests and healing all together. I fear the days of Vanilla WoW are creeping back.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest gems for raid roles {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 3:28PM like religion and politics you can't change people's opinions. I agree with a lot of what you are saying and spam renews do work. I just don't think they are as effective as burst heals and not what a priest is supposed to do. You could go pure Spellpower and haste and pally heal or go renews and play the druid.

There are a couple of priests that have changed my thoughts on some talent tree points but so far I have never met a outstanding priest that has ever challenged my ideas on rotation and priorities. I am not a big fan of copying top guild players because most of the guilds build specifically off each other. Each player is specifically built to play extremely well in their tight niche. Take them out and they usually do very poorly.

I know an epic tank in a top guild that has no hit and no expertise but because of his team makeup he can get away with that. I would never copy his spec. I will continue to roll my spec and run logs waiting for a healer to prove me wrong. However been running since open beta and yet to see someone put in the time and love. No offense but even Dawn the OP take the cookie cutter approach that theorycrafting so easily provides.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest gems for raid roles {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 2:46PM I agree stacking crit above 40% isn't advisable, good points made there. I still gem pure crit for yellows but go with Spellpower for non yellows. I could benefit more from gemming differently on some yellows I just like crit way too much and so far havent had any issues.

I also agree a good disc priest can keep 2 tanks alive if they focus fire specifically on them. I hate pallies but with their stupid beacons we usually fall to second class tank healer. Plus if you have a pally healer a Disc priests fills their role better playing the buffer healer. I didnt mean to say Disc priests cannot top people off, heck I can even cast PoH faster then most holy priests by getting borrowed time. I just meant our best niche is the buffer healer.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest gems for raid roles {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 2:21PM I have ran with some holy priest renew spammers. Long story short they are weak. Unless the fight is one with constant raid wide damage (Twin Valks) most of the renews simply overheal. Renew is a great spell and it is very useful but renew spamming is very fight specific. Renews will also not keep a raid up during burst damage as it heals are too spread out and too weak to keep up anyone. If used on specific players or groups with other spells it can be handy.

Haste benefits shorter cast time spells much less then longer cast time spells. A haste rating of 600 vs 800 in terms of Flash Heal is almost nothing. In fact the casting time for Greater Heal is like .1 or .2 secs. Smart priests anticipate damage poor priests react to them in terms of holy. A good holy priest rotation:

1- Anticipate, Start casting Prayer of Healing
2- Flash heal from your PoH crit
3- CoH
4- Flash Heal from your PoH crit
5- Serendipity stacked cast PoH rinse and repeat.

Increase your haste and you get nothing from the burst heal rotation above. You could shave .3 off step 1 if you are bad at anticipating incoming damage. Blizzard's model currently is [lots of damage]---[Some damage]---[lots of damage]. The burst heal rotation above works well and is IMHO what a holy priest is designed for. DUring the some damage phases stack Serendipity and drop renews, but you shouldn't need a 1 sec GCD during it.

There is nothing wrong with a Spellpower+Renew build however I have never seen anyone use it effectively. I do knock Haste never needed it and never gemmed for it. Never seen a decent priest that has gemmed for it or straight Spellpower. I am not a big numbers guy but I do run logs to better myself from each raid. I have never seen another priest come close to me in Holy or Disc and very rarely see any healer come close to me with raid heals.

Its hard to give suggestions to healers and I try to shy away from it. Most make up their minds, don't do the research and just go with it. I despise theorycrafting because in practice it means nothing, its good for DPS which can regulate their world a bit but for healers its all done by feel.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest gems for raid roles {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 12:36PM PW:S doesn't crit but the glyph will and the crit off the glyph will proc Divine Aegis. Your PW:S will benefit from the increase in Spellpower but the Crit is what stacks most of the other goodness. Never had an issue with my PW:S not absorbing enough and I have 3k Spellpower w/o my other procs.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest gems for raid roles {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 11:02AM I am not a big fan of haste for any priest. I feel it is a pally or druid mechanic. I have seen a lot of priests lately gemming from theorycraft and paper math. The issue with any paper math for a healer is that each fight is highly unique to the situation, team and team makeup. In practice 90% of what should be isn't. I work in the tech field and when I have to work with a green tech that is book heavy I know how things will go. They expect a lot of things a lot of lab environment things, in other words they expect perfect conditions or near perfect.

Holy Priest
Purpose: Burst healing to counter burst damage. A good holy priest will anticipate incoming damage and start healing spells before they are required. A good holy priest doesn't need much to any haste because of group healing slow casting spells.

Stat Priority: Spellpower and Spirit then Crit. Spellpower will increase the healing done during the bust healing times. More Spellpower equals goodness. Spirit gives some spellpower with Spiritual Guidance and mana regen.

Spellpower: Bigger Heals
Spirit: Bigger Heals, Mana Regen
Crit: Surge of Light and Inspiration

Spell Priority: Flash Heals are the filler and stack Serendipity. Renews are dropped on those that take consistent damage i.e. tanks. CoH every CD cause it is OP and it almost always triggers Surge of Light. Surge of Light is shexy...super shexy free instant cast Flash Heals that stacks Serendipity and costs no mana.

Notes: It is almost always better to take the gem bonus versus pure Spellpower gems. Spirit is needed for mana regen.

Discipline Priest
Purpose: Spot healer to give the other healers time to top people off. Disc priests can keep people alive through some rough stuff but it is hard to top people off. I see more and more disc priests trying to increase their healing to look better on recount and other in game meters.

Stat Priority: Crit, Spellpower then Intellect. This is what I tell all new disc priests in out guild...Crit...Crit...Crit!!!!!! Sure Spellpower makes bubbles and heals bigger. However if you go after pure Spellpower you are gimping yourself. At high end gear levels your crit needs to be close to or ideally over 50%. Crit does several amazing things:

CRIT = Bigger Heals (3x bigger, eat that Spellpower)

CRIT = Bigger Bubbles (3x bigger, eat that Spellpower), the benefit from criting is so great it will make your bubbles HUGE much more then pure Spellpower gemming.

CRIT = Divine Aegis (more bubbles). I look at the logs for those disc priests that gem pure Spellpower and I notice two things right away. Their heals from the PW:Shield Glyph are puny (compared to a crit build) and they hardly ever kick off Divine Aegis.

CRIT = Inspiration and when you crit 50% of the time you are almost guaranteed to keep this sexy buff up, take that Spellpower

I can't stress enough crit for disc priests is what you need. Gem it love it and GEM it! Don't skip gem bonus cause you can always get a crit+ or spellpower+ gem. If you are reading this and saying hogwash look at they logs. Do it on your toon I promise Crit is always greater then Spellpower for Disc.

Spell Priority: PW:S everything even the roaches. It gives you increased Crit with Renewed hope, Penance on CD and fill with Flash Heals. Renew tanks as needed there ya go! If the target has weakend soul and is below 50% health you will get another 14% crit turning your Flash Heals into behemoths that will also stack Divine Aegis. My crit goes over 60% in that scenario and I can keep anything up for quite a bit of time.

Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Priest healing tier 10 4-piece bonus changed {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 3:02AM Ugh, I hate blizzard's vague language. We are going to have to wait and see what "effectiveness" means exactly. Also what that means to healing throughput. I think it would be a flat 5% increase in renews total healing and PW:S total absorption amount. I hope it means more then that especially for a 4 piece T10 set. However I am not known to like decisions blizzard makes with priests and harbor some deep animosity in regards to them. I personally think this decision was made because our 4 piece was broke and they had to fix it. However a buff to the proc rate could make us overpowered. But honestly overpowered just means we would become more desirable as healers and I think they have demonstrated time after time they dont want to knock the poor little pally out of the top tank healer spot. I am disappointed in the tier change but not surprised.

Spiritual Guidance: Ghostcrawler on priests {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 2:03AM Avan,
I played WoW when priests only had the Holy tree. Leveling was a pain and gruesome. But it made being a priest special and gave us a sense of pride. I don't care that we have a DPS spec more then that spec until just recently gimped the heck out of us. Our DPS now is up to par and woohoo (sarcasm) to that.

Holy priests as DPS is laughable.

My toon is dual specced Holy/Disc so that makes it a parasite? a leech? Come on now.

I agree but try and run 25 man content without at least 1 holy pally. Sure it is doable but very...very rare. It is far more likely to see a 25 man raid without a priest then a pally. I am just saying the paladin is pretty much essential to any 10/25 man raid where a priest is not. As a class that is mainly a healing class that equals broke to me.

Spiritual Guidance: Ghostcrawler on priests {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 12:28AM I mean come on:

Paladin: Tank - Healer - DPS
Shaman: Healer - DPS - DPS
Druid: Tank - Healer - DPS

Priest: Healer - Healer - DPS (and before the latest patch laughable DPS)

So tell me why the priest is fine and we are considered a hybrid? Remove my crappy DPS tree and give me 3 Healing trees. Then make me the best healer and tax the others. The state of the priest in ICC and elsewhere is broken. I spit on the name of Ghostcrawler!

Spiritual Guidance: Ghostcrawler on priests {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 12:24AM hit the submit button too early.

I am sick to my stomach at the healing situation of WoW at the current moment. Priests are pure healers sure we have a crappy DPS tree but compared to the other classes we are a pure healing class. I think they gave us that dps tree to shut us up when we whine about not being the best healers. There are pure DPS classes but not a single pure healing class. It really is BS to me when Ghostcrawler types anything, just makes me mad. The Priest should be the true pure healing class and all other classes should get hit with the 10% hybrid tax.