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Cross-realm Real ID grouping now available {WoW}

Jul 14th 2011 2:56PM Not sure if someone has noticed this yet... We keep complaining about how Blizzard has changed and started implementing additional micro-transaction; correct me if Im wrong, this ALL started after Activision purchased Blizzard and apparently made it their money cow biatch... Hate Activision and kinda Blizzard for selling out

Officers' Quarters: The raid leader retirement plan {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 2:17PM It sounds like the core of the issue may have been missed. If one person being absent in Mr. Anonymous’s guild will cause chaos then there is a lack of preparation or leadership in the guild. Not saying bad leadership, but a lack of organization.

Guilds don't organize themselves and they certainly don't run themselves. The biggest issues I see with posts and complaints about guild problems come from officers and guild masters but at the core it's because of lack of organization on the part of the officers and guild masters. If you want a successful guild you have to build a successful guild. Building a successful guild starts with 2 things, good leaders and good organization. Now, I know that is easier said than done but being successful at anything, even in a game.

I doesn't take ANYTHING to become a guild master in the game, simply start the guild and start inviting people. This is why most guilds have so many problems because the people leading them have little or no experience managing people. So they end up with constant drama and turnover and wonder why all the recruits they get from spamming the trade channel don't fit in(hint, you will never get good people from spamming trade).

When we started our guild; several real life friends, we had experience managing people, but didn't understand at first that we really needed to apply that to the game. Over a short period of time the bell went off and we started organizing ourselves better and VIOLA! things got better almost overnight. I know it's easy to say "Get Organized" but what does that really mean? It means create some structure in your guild and to be even more successful listen to the people in your guild when doing so.

First you have to define the guild. What kind of guild are you? EVERYONE will say we are casual and like to have FUN. OK, Great, but what does that mean? Fun means different things to different people. Fun for some is raiding 5-6 nights a week and getting the highest end gear. Fun for others is getting a bunch of achievements and running raids whenever enough people are online. What is "Fun" for your guild? What is "Casual" for your guild? if you are. Define your guild best you can so that when you are trying to get new members you know if they will fit or not.

As for raid leading, prepare for it. My guild has 3 raid leader, one does 10manX, another 10manY and the third 25man and we have 4 nights of schedule raids that the whole guild has agreed upon based off of guild meeting where each guildie gets to vote and a voice on guild decisions. Makes guildies feel like they are part of something and not a number. The raid leading help to prevent burnout for any one person and allows us to be leaders one day and rank and file the next. Also, if someone needs time off, vacation ot whatever, there are 2 other people to help take up the slack and they are people the guild is used to listening to.

Once we understood we needed to apply our people skills to the guild things are much better. We have structure, organization, everyone feels like they are a part of something and understand what we are and how we do things. It helps a lot and prevents a lot of drama. I hope this helps in some way I know it did us.