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Officers' Quarters: The raid leader retirement plan {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 2:18PM
Stepping down is a great way to learn about your investments in-game. Be ready to be let down by your imaginary friends in-game. From my experience, raid leaders come and go, but trying to step down and be rank and file member would be more problematic for your group. It will be unfair to the group's leader, because you will be the measuring stick and reason of debate.

It will also be impossible to remain as 'rank and file' member because your raiders will continue to seek your advice and knowledge. This may cause friction between you and the new leadership.

My advice would be informing your raid group about your real life changes and take a 4-6 month break from raiding. This will make the transition easier for your raid group. Feel free to log on for dailies or conversation, but try not be a distraction to your group's progression. This means holding back judgments, criticisms, or any thoughts based on your observation.