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Breakfast Topic: Where's the epic, part two {WoW}

Apr 30th 2010 9:25AM I agree with this statement but I also think a lot of it does factor in where you are.

- Karazhan felt right with 10 people, because it was basically you and 9 companions going into a haunted house. The smaller group and closed in spaces (with the exception of the Theatre and space stairs) eventually growing into this huge room you climb to the top of was an amazing feeling.

- On the other hand Ulduar felt right at it was this huge Titan facility which you basically destroy an entire army built with the forge of wills to even gain access. It felt like it was made for big things and the end boss whom you were hunting, felt like he deserved the largest group of heroes to take down.

- ToC Kinda fit both in my opinion, it's basically a gladiator fight and works on both presentation levels.

Though that brings me back to the design or of the lore aspect? Karazhan was a footnote in our character's history, while Ulduar was this mighty save the entire world kind of dungeon. I think we can all agree Ulduar and it's design is quite possibly the "Karazhan" of Wrath of the Lich King. I would love if there were more hardmodes designed about doing something than, "Flipping a switch"

That end game experience felt epic, I feel I'm going to miss it as I feel 10 mans will eventually be the way to go in WoW:C I just hope the designers give us the feeling that I enjoy in raiding.

A critical examination of Garrosh Hellscream {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2009 1:51PM I play Alliance though I've been playing up a horde to see the "other side" so to speak and here are my thoughts.

You need to realize one thing people think that the Alliance blindly follows Varian and he is "just as bad as Garrosh" but let's look at the facts all together.

- Regardless of how it stands the main race of the Horde are invaders. Going by the timeline look, outlands is free of the Burning Leigon, why are the orcs still here? They are not natives to Azeroth and they can freely go back and forth through the portal. Why is there even still an orcish presence in Azeroth? Remember the Horde regardless of how there were twisted are still the antagonists of the fight. Pack up, move Ogrimmar to Outlands, make the Dark Portal a de-militerized zone and there. How would you feel if a group of people invaded your world and set up shop? No matter how "noble" they may be there are still an invading force setting up shop on Azeroth.

- People say that the Alliance blindly follow the humans and have no further grudge against the Horde as a whole however let's look at the current battleground scenario and also past wrongs that the Horde have perpetrated against the Alliance.

Warsong Gulch and to a greater extent Ashenvale forest:

The horde are clearcutting the Ancesteral Night Elf Lands in fact the majority of wood in Ogrimmar is from that area. The Horde also killed one of the guardians of Cenarius, true they were under the "blood lust" of Mannoroth but if the Horde don't want conflict why are they pushing forward into obviously Night Elf Lands?

Alterac Valley:

The Ancesteral Home of the Frostwolf clan, but wait didn't we just say that the Horde aren't from Azeroth so therefore cannot have any ancesteral territory here? This is Alliance land that was invaded and settled by orcs. The orcs hold no claim over Alterac Valley, being it is a portion of the Alterac Kingdom, a human Kingdom, the Alliance hold more claim to it.

Arathi Basin:

Kingdom of Arathi, why are the forsaken (The people and Elves of Lorderon) even taking it? Again it is another push from the Horde to get natural resources.

Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients:

Two actual places of conflict in which no side holds any real territorial claims for natural resources. Let's call this one a draw.

So, let's recap what the Horde has done to the Alliance since WC O&H (Warcraft Orcs & Humans)

WC1 - Orcs Destroy the Kingdom of Stormwind, The new Horde is not to blame so much for this.

WC2 - Tides of Darkness, after pushing far into he Dwarven Kingdoms the Horde turn their sites to where the humans have fled. So right now most humans in WC view the horde as a people who not only destroyed their lands they then pushed forward to eradicate them when they fled to allies in the North. Again we cannot entirely blame the Horde for this as they were not of their own minds. Most of the Orcs are pushed back the Dark Portal is closed, the remainder who are left are not slaughtered but put into internment camps (not the Alliance's finest moment but what else do they do? Put them to the sword?)

WC3 - The Old Horde overcome their demons, form the horde with Trolls and Taurens and resettle in Kalimdor where they do some damage to the Night Elves but eventually we all make nice with certain representatives of each major race. A Truce is had.

WoW - The Orcs make Aggressive moves into NE Territory to build their own city, they accept the forsaken who clearly say they are working towards a way to kill not just the scourge but EVERYONE (Orcs, Humans, Trolls included) The Forsaken start pushing down from Lorderon to the south while there are still some pockets of orcs who actively fight the Alliance and Horde (wetlands)

BC - Alliance and horde come together to fight a bigger threat. The Blood Elves who were betrayed not by stormwind but the last vestiges of Lorderon's humans a.k.a THE FORSAKEN now (LOL WHUT they're friends now?) Kidnap a being of light that is here to help all the races to satisfy a magic additction. Conflict still goes on but more along the lines of lighting a paper bag filled with kodo poop outside each other's bases on fire. Nothing big minor skirmishes. We're fighting a bigger enemy here.

WotLK - Orcs and Humans have come to some sort of agreement after fighting off a bigger threat and move forward more or less as seperate but equal partners to fight another great evil. We're not best friends but we know what needs to be done. A "rogue" faction of the forsaken (weren't they making that plague to kill everyone since original WoW?) Attack and kill both Horde and Alliance at the Wrathgate.

Afterwards while the Alliance is fighting Scourge in Icecrown after the fact a contigent of Horde Attack the Alliance from the rear and kill them and scourge without any thought.

I mean really, and Varian Wynn is the racist ass? Let's even pretend he didn't have his own personal issues against the Horde but this is acceptable? If the Horde wanted Peace they should have returned to Draernor after BC. What like Cairn wouldn't have come to peace with the NE's? Trolls wouldn't find a Way to work with the Alliance? The Forsaken are evil, hell in WotLK you're the person who delivers the very weapon used at the Wrathgate!

I mean come on, I don't view the lliance in the wrong here you're entitled to disagree with me but ask me this aren't orcs still invaders on conquered soil? Why not head back to Draenor. Even looking towards Cataclysm you see the Orcs mind you press the attack further against the Night Elves. The Forsaken attack Gilneas. The worst I've seen the Alliance do is attack Goblins on an Island... oh noes the tadpols.

So, the Alliance do not have any right,Thrall is a chump who turns his head while his people continue to be aggressive. Yes the Alliance made the majority of the Villans in the game however we also push to fight against them.. Even with Varian saying F you to Rhonin in the Ulduar trailer the person who still directs us there is an Alliance character looking to save everyone.

So Food for thought hopefully some will agree but hey if orcs want peace, move back to Draenor, you know where you tried to ethnically cleanse Draenei and well the Draenaei can move all to Azeroth since they're a part of the Alliance, so the entire crappy broken world can be yours.

Peace Achieved.

Breakfast Topic: I love {WoW}

Sep 14th 2009 9:55AM I love the exploring and leveling experience when an expansion comes out. You really get thi who electric vibe in all the players as we explore. You constantly hear people catching up with people they haven't heard before in general chat and people are always looking for more for every group quest. It's just a real feeling of a community before everyone levels up and spreads out across the lands. Also just being able to see and experience new things is best.

Spiritual Guidance: A Lightwell primer {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 3:56PM Another real good place for Lightwell is Yogg Saron Phase 2,

If you drop the lightwell at the 6 o'clock part of the room when Brain room people are spit out there they can top themselves off en route to getting more sanity or hading back to portal positions.