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Scattered Shots: New beta build for happy hunters {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2010 12:27AM As Skarn said, warriors and rogues don't have Auto Shot, they have Shoot (which has a cast time rather than being an auto attack equivalent). The 15% ranged attack speed buff was built into that ability when quivers were removed.

The key change in Cataclysm is that Windfury (et al) are changing from being *haste* buffs to being *attack speed* buffs. Since the problem with hunters and those buffs was poor haste scaling for Steady Shot (due to the cast time dropping below 1.5s just with talents , the Windfury buff and no haste on gear), the change to the buffs makes it OK to apply them to hunters again.

Shifting Perspectives: Revisiting Cataclysm talents, part 2 {WoW}

Jun 18th 2010 2:08AM As Brian noted, the Wowhead talent calculators do NOT correctly reflect the preview. Look at the diffs the Wowhead folks posted on their blog instead (which matches the info posted on MMO Champion and other sites and hence is likely to more closely match what was actually in the preview)

As far as FFF goes, rumour has it that the bear version will cost rage in Cata (kitty version still free though).

Spiritual Guidance: Don't panic {WoW}

May 10th 2010 2:37AM I think the thing missing with Chakra as it currently stands, is that we have only seen the mechanic for getting it going in the first place (i.e. 3x an appropriate spell for AoE mode, HoT mode, tank healer mode, healer-is-bored mode).

I expect there will be additional mechanics that simplify the refresh process (e.g. once you're in a Chakra state, each individual PoH/Renew/Heal/Smite may be enough to keep you there).

Encrypted Text: Patch 3.2.2 updates and BlizzCon news {WoW}

Aug 26th 2009 9:22PM Not sure where you got the idea that haste would stop increasing attack speed. Everything I saw on the BlizzCon feeds and write-ups indicated that the resource regen increase would be in addition to its current effects, not instead of them.

World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Hunter Guide {WoW}

Aug 11th 2009 10:30AM This article missed (or misinterpreted) some of the key hunter changes in 3.2.

1. Blizz aren't stupid and know that warlocks and hunters don't have any expertise on their gear. They changed pet expertise and spell penetration to scale with their master's *hit* rating, which warlocks and hunters *do* care about. So a hit capped hunter or warlock will have a pet that is hit capped, expertise capped and at max spell penetration as well.

2. The Lock & Load internal cooldown was added to make it impossible to trigger back-to-back L&L procs by dropping a Frost or Freezing Trap immediately after getting a tick proc from Black Arrow or one of the fire traps. Previously such a trick was prevented by the trap cooldown, but with the separate trap cooldown categories in 3.2 that would no longer have been the case.

3. The most significant BM DPS upgrades were omitted from the patch notes and also from this article: Animal Handler was changed from granting pet expertise to granting 5/10% increased pet AP (since pets now receive expertise from their master's hit rating), and Wild Hunt was buffed to 15/30% additional pet AP scaling (previously 10/20%).

4. As others noted above, to prevent the problem of chaining RoS on PvE tanks (which is what got the ability changed to be hunter-only in the first place), the mechanic was changed to a crit immunity effect on the targeted player. This makes RoS purely a PvP utility ability as Blizzard originally intended. The pet still takes 20% of all damage taken by the target, but that damage is now Nature damage so it is reduced by the pet's innate resistance, and can be reduced further by switching to Aspect of the Wild when using RoS.

5. When Blizzard said they were reducing the cost of crafting Engineering ammo they weren't kidding. Arrows are now a mere 2 saronite bars per stack of 1000 (used to be 15), while bullets are 1 saronite bar and 1 volatile blasting trigger (used to be something like 7 and 6 respectively). The triggers can be stripped from mechanical mob corpses, so farming for the Jeeves recipe in Storm Peaks makes for a lot of ammo mats. Even if the blasting triggers are made from scratch rather than farmed, that is still only 3 cobalt bars and 1 crystallised water per 2000 bullets (the trigger recipe creates two at a time).