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Officers' Quarters: A moral dilemma {WoW}

Feb 4th 2008 11:17AM In the letter it was stated that buying accounts are "not allowed". Yes, I know it is against Blizz's TOS. But Account selling goes on everywhere, does that make it right? no. But unless it was affecting the author of the letter, why do they care? If it was buying it from a gold seller, I could understand their concern, it could be a stolen account. But if the seller has 100% ownership of the account, let them do with it what they please.

Did their guild rules include something about not selling accounts to other guildies? If not, the GM wasn't breaking the guilds rules.

It is probly better off that the author of the letter left the guild. He/She sounds like the type of person that would create the type of guild drama we all hate. And the guild they left are better off for it.

Tivo Series 3 Unboxed {PVR Wire}

Sep 1st 2006 12:38PM

100 times better and have been watching/recording HD via OTA and from my cable company via firewire for over a year now!

Once Tivo ditched their lifetime subscriptions they lost me as a customer.