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Ask a Faction Leader: Open call, volume 2 {WoW}

Aug 25th 2010 6:01AM I just don't understand how they went 10,000+ years without moving past Bows and Swords, then Goblins come along...

The Daily Quest: Kicking it {WoW}

Aug 24th 2010 7:37AM Tbh I think a temp ban like 1 hr to calm you down next time you chat with a GM would be justified, but changing your name was completely out of bounds and of personal revenge. Still, I hope the GM did not loose his job for such a small issue, and that both of you learned some sort of lesson from all this.

The Queue: Yes, there will be mounts {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2010 11:32AM no thats where we pee

Breakfast Topic: Game time {WoW}

Aug 20th 2010 8:51AM And don't you go forgetting to collect those rocks, its important!

The Queue: Kitty committee {WoW}

Aug 10th 2010 11:44AM NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!

Guest Post: 32 tricks for Icecrown Citadel {WoW}

Aug 10th 2010 9:23AM If you have unchained on heroic you shouldent be near the raid anyways

Breakfast Topic: Earning your stripes {WoW}

Aug 10th 2010 5:24AM Anyone whos found mankrik's wife

Drama Mamas: Tank entitlement {WoW}

Aug 6th 2010 8:35PM I agree with Dicon.
The Tank may be the "leader" or "head" of the group but the healer is the neck that moves the head any way he/she wants.

Breakfast Topic: Hey, how'd he do that? {WoW}

Aug 4th 2010 9:51AM I get a suprising amount of whispers about the Noggenfogger Elixir, too bad it seems alot of my friends went at war with the Goblins to get the title before finding out about it. =[

The Art of War(craft): World PvP in the new Azeroth {WoW}

Aug 2nd 2010 4:54AM Remember that curse in Shadowfang Keep that caused ghosts to randomly spawn on you every once in awhile for 5 min?
I think a debuff like that would be nice, like you kill a lowbie player and theres a chance gaurds will spawn and attack you for 10 min or something. Perhaps this could even stack the more you kill lowbies, like increasing the power and spawn rate of these guards and call the debuffed "Wanted" -you are wanted for killing defenceless players, watch your back.