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Gold Capped: How to use trade chat to make gold {WoW}

Jul 14th 2011 3:44PM I've been running the addon for quite a while now and have never heard/seen such a problem. I've certainly gotten the spam forwarded to me and I'm sure that I've done my share of forwarding too. Of course my anecdotal evidence isn't dispositive of your claim, I merely mean to suggest that it isn't a widespread problem.

New Blizzard support site lets you track, edit, and update your GM tickets {WoW}

May 26th 2011 6:08PM Ah but the real question is whether we'll still get GM jokes...

Google updates search to massively bias original content {Download Squad}

Feb 25th 2011 11:09AM Good to hear. I'd be interested in seeing a follow-up on this once you guys have got some decent log data just to see how significant the boost will really be for original sites whose stories were being republished everywhere...