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Class Q&A: Mage {WoW}

Aug 19th 2009 2:54PM How do you feel about mages now? You state they are still glass canons... I tend to disagree. I'm an 80 mage with around 5 blue ilvl 200 items and the rest purple and all minimum ilvl 200 (some 213 and 226 items).

DK's with similar gear (ilvl wise) frequently get twice!! the damage I do and warlocks mostly pass me with ease as well. Not saying I'm the best mage ever or anything like that, but I'm not that bad either. DK's can take damage, and a lot of it too. A lot of people justify it by stating DK is a 'hero class'. Personally I don't care. Mages are this fragile because they are *supposed* to be the 'KING of DPS'. Now-a-days, other than some utility functions, they don't seem of much use to me. Most classes come near the DPS and DK doing double the damage, that just ain't funny.