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Breakfast Topic: Suffer mortals, as your pathetic eardrums betray you {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2010 5:41PM If I had to chose a favorite voice actor, it would have to be Falric in Halls of Reflection. Ironically, the one I hate the most is the boss right after him, Marwyn.

Two Bosses Enter: Tyrannus tyrannizes Krick and Ick; Falric faces Paletress {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 7:33PM Falric vs. Confessor Paletress

“Is that....Frostmourne! The rumors are true!” One of the Argent Lightwielders exclaimed, his face hidden by a steel helm with the markings of the Argent Crusade.
“Hush now, brother. The Light has given us this opportunity, we must not give it up by alerting the scourge to us.” Confesser Paletress said in a soft and melodious voice, one that many a member of the Argent Crusade had found solace in during the many months up North.
“Agreed, Mother. We should continue with the utmost subtlety.” A draenei priestess said, though he eyes gave away that she also could not believe there luck.
The Confessor nodded her golden-tressed head, “Light wielders lead the way, monks you know what you must do, as do you sisters.” At her words, the small company of Argent Crusaders proceeded slowly towards the pedestal that stood under Frostmourne, the Corruptive Blade the turned Prince Arthas Menethil into the Lich King.
“Let us be done with this then! Grab the damned blade and let’s be done with this then!” A dwarven Lightwielder exclaimed, his firey beard and choice of a war-axe over a traditional war-mace marked him as Kul, one of the most fool-hardy of Crusaders at the Argent Tournement. With his statement he ran towards the Pedastal.
Paletress shouted, “Kul! By the Light! What are you do....” The dwarf stepped on the pedestal, trying to grab the blade.
The dwarf stopped, his eyes widening, “Oh bloody h....” He was unable to finish his statement, a ghostly bullet hitting him in the mid-section with enough to send flying.
The cause of the shot became evident, very quickly, as ghostly figures appeared around the pedestal, the shapes looking eerily like soldiers that would common in an Alliance battalion, their faces twisted in looks of deep sadness and agony.
“Brothers and Sisters of the Argent Crusade! Prepare yourselves for battle! minions of the Lich King dare interfere with out holy mission! Give these souls there deserved rest!” Confessor Paletress called, callin upon the Light to help defend her comrades.
With that, battle was joined, Living paladins fighting ghostly footmen, Draenei priestesses fending off fallen Elf priests, and Argent monks trying there able best to disarm and disable shadowy garbed men, who blended in with the gloom of the Hall.
Though fighting in desperation, the living men and women started to turn the tide against the fallen. But it was not to last, for soon after battle began, a deep and commanding voice was heard over the clash of steel and gun fire, “Your skills are admirable, but wasted. Soon you will join these souls, as my lord commands.”
With that said, a more substantial figure comes into the view of the Argent Confessor, A man that she knew was the leader of these spectres. Captain Falric, one of Arthas’ commanders in life, his live has not changed at all in death. His body was covered in dark plate, with a worn and ragged Lordaeronian tabard hanging down his abdomen, his face was near covered in the shadow of his helm, but what the Cofessor could see was a weary face and a once blonde beard.
“Soldiers hold these intruders at bay, I will deal with this wench as she deserves.” He commanded to his ghostly troops, who did not give any indication that he was heard, but soon changed tactics. With his commands given, the fallen Captain of Lordaeron slashed at Paletress, his weight pressing down on the stike, all the confessor could do was call a shield of the Light down around her, absorbing the attack, but barely.
The man seemed to laugh at the priestess, “They send a lamb to fight the wolf? Your leaders must be incompetent, come girl, and see the folly of coming to this place.” With that, Falric raised a hand, and Paletress was consumed with fear, dark thoughts creeping into her consciousness. The cries of her comrades were the only thing that kept her from truly succumbing to the anguish.
The confesser quickly steeled herself to the anguish and hopeless, and called upon the Holy Light, and the Light answered, stunning all the Spectres. Moments later, the ghosts seemed to fight shadowy figures, many of which looked to be scourge minions or other such creatures. This gave the few remaining of her comrades to disengage and heal themselves for the continued barrage. All had seen the confessor us this trick many times before, her signature move in the coliseum against would be crusaders.
Paletress let her brothers mend themselves, and went after the Captain, who she seemed to have disappeared. He found him cowering before the great gate that barred her expedition from going further. The confessor smiled weakly, “Fallen son of the Light, give yourself over to redemption and rest. You deserve it. Let me end your suffering.” She said calmly, hoping as all do that she could redempt this lost soul.
The shadowy clad man looked up, and Paletress saw the weary old man that he was and felt pity for him, knowing that he did not deserve this, “End it then sister....Well the Prince is unaware...” He said in a gasp, as if straining under a great load. She nodded and started to speak a prayer to the Light, calling for righteous fire to burn the man.
That is when he took the advantage.
Falric moved with the deadly grace of a timber wolf, and slashed at the Confessor, a grim blow that stopped him mid pray. Her eyes grew wide as she understood the deception and tried to move her body away, and maybe call on her beloved Light again to save her.
But she found herself unable to, and that was all Falric needed.
He smiled evilly as he rammed his Dark Rune-blade through her heart, whispering softly, “The Will of the King is first and foremost.”

((Alright, I know this is a bit long, but it is worth it. Anyways, I look at less as a gladiator fight, and more of, what would happen IRl. Anyways, this is plausiable, considering how forgiving a Priestess should be, and Falric has been fighting for longer then Paletress has been alive. I know I might have missed a few points in her, like differant attacks and what not, but I think is works.))

WRUP: We wish we were playing... {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 10:22PM I must agree with Rossi, a Black Company MMO would be pure win, though they would have to do some work on building the World.

All the World's a Stage: The curtain falls {WoW}

Dec 27th 2009 11:32PM This is also my first comment on this sight and I must say, it is sad to see a fellow Roleplayer leave, even though it is for the greatest of reasons. I have read your colomn quite frequently when I am looking for idea's to build onto my own character. Anyways, happy trails and *goes RP for a second* My your days be long and your hardships few.

All the World's a Stage: Reflections on the passing of a roleplayer's mom {WoW}

Aug 16th 2009 8:38PM Wow, I mean wow. This the best Best article I have seen on I think I...*whips eyes*. This reminds me when my Grandmother died *sobs quietly in a corner*.