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Breakfast Topic: Most emotional boss encounter? {WoW}

Sep 1st 2009 10:13AM MC sucked as an instance - it was long and broing - but that first time Rag came up and one-shot Domo - O M G!

Kael in TK- he was such a pain to kill - we killed him pre nerf - he had been all that stood between us and MH/BT - again this is when there were attunements :) - for over a month and it just felt so amazing when he died - the cheering went on for hours. I would say my feelings for him were more of hate though :P

Felmyst used to always bring a tear to my eye. Wasnt really fair to get killed like that and then resurected as an undead dragon cause we spilled Brutallus's blood all over her.

Raid Rx: Raid bosses that brought healers to their knees - Part 3 & 4 {WoW}

Aug 31st 2009 11:14PM
IIRC you wanted shadow nova to hit the raid when using the ledge strat as it reset the fire debuffs - in fact it was kinda the point of it. It tended to target healers which was good as you didnt want them moving.

it was the conflag that you had to run for. as it would detonate and kill half the raid. what made it hard was the shadow images could apply a stun. if you were stunned and you got conflag.....well then you better have your pvp trinket equiped.

and yeah - anyone with a shaman alt was geared up (my alt got full tier 6 for free dkp just to be used in this fight

Patch 3.2.2 PTR Druid changes {WoW}

Aug 21st 2009 4:25AM I stand corrected

for some reason i had it in my head that resto spells wernt from the nature school but the holy school

which is clearly wrong

my bad

Phat Loot Phursday: Onyxia Scale Cloak {WoW}

Aug 21st 2009 1:36AM only the tank and some healers needed the cloak, everyone else hid behind the thrown. Or in the little cave at the back.

By the end of Vanilla WoW bigger guilds had tonnes of these sitting around their banks were even giving them away in some case.

I would never sell mine though, ah good times :)

Patch 3.2.2 PTR Druid changes {WoW}

Aug 21st 2009 1:03AM PREDATORY STRIKES: This talent now also causes the Druid's finishing moves to provide a 7/13/20% chance per combo point to make the next Nature spell with a cast time below 10 seconds instant cast.

Not to nit-pick but it cant be a heal since all druid heals are restoration spells. This talent looks like a free instant CC - roots/cyclone - and is probably meant to partially make up for the loos of an interupt on maim that occured a patch or two ago.

kind of odd they tacked it onto a core PvE talent (well all ferals take it) but oh well.