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A red-letter day for Second Life, Second Life 2.0 viewer and more {Massively}

Feb 23rd 2010 2:22PM Personally I don't like it, dunno maybe it is having used the normal viewer for so long this is just a bit much to get used to. All the new features seem to take up loads of screen real estate....Honestly those slide out panels, and the new version of blue box menus really suck for me. As well as the weird im notification in the bottom right hand corner of the screen...I hope they might possible offer a function of using the old UI with the new features.

Massively's mystery beta key giveaway {Massively}

Feb 6th 2010 11:54AM I'm in!!

Anti-Aliased: A Cryptic opinion pt. 2 {Massively}

Feb 5th 2010 7:05AM I agree with most everyone else I doubt Sera or anyone else at Massively is in bed with cryptic, and that people go to some unnecessary extremes to make it appear that is the case. But also, Cryptic in mine and many other peoples eyes are just a terrible company. Trying to defend them, or make them appear in a positive light is going to bring heaps of hate upon you, not saying rightfully so...but that is just the way it is.

I think most people do vote with their wallets, and I think the outrage that take place from commentators on a lot of forums boils down to two things. First being some people just love drama and conflict so they will jump into anything that feeds their need for drama.

Secondly, like myself, I rant on Cryptic not because I think what I say will change them...or even that it will make players avoid them. But in the hopes that people from other companies read these forums as well and will see that Cryptic's whole business plan was fail. I mean damn even those rabid fanboy's of CO when it launched have given up all hope....And we all know just how bad things have to get before you lose a hardcore fanboy.

Like it or not apathy and letting the little things go will only lead to a bigger problem down the line with all games. Yes companies are out to make money, most of them out to make as much as possible. We as consumers need to let it be known AHEAD of time that stunts like the ones cryptic pulls will not lead to more revenue, but only a ruined name. Companies want to make more money, then make a game that will attract more people.

Community manager Daeke leaves Cryptic, Stormshade to replace him {Massively}

Feb 4th 2010 3:03PM Why do people keep going on about "It's a business, they are in it to make money"...Everyone knows a business is about making money...but when that is the ONLY thing you care about you get shit like CO and STO. At one time success was also measure by making a quality product, sadly that isn't the case anymore.

Throwing this guy under the bus was fail, another fail move by a fail company. If they honestly think there was anyway or time to deliver the news that they were going to have a pay xpac without pissing off their entire player base, before fixing the original content they are delusional.

Hopefully people stop buying their craptastic releases, stop using buying their cryptic points, and most of all hopefully no one else EVER lets them handle turning their ip into an mmo...and we can finally see the entire company waste away into oblivion.

EVE Community Spotlight: Helicity Boson page 2 {Massively}

Jan 26th 2010 6:02PM I have to agree fully, when I was an eve player most of the pvp envolved searching for victims that didn't have a chance in hell of fighting back. That imho is the problem with pvp in games today. All the so-called pvpers don't want to fight based on skill. They wanna win and will do their best to make sure all odds are stacked in their favor.

It would be nice if they made a pvp game that encourgaed seeking targets that might actually stand a chance instead of lames who just go for the weakest for the lulz.

EVE Community Spotlight: Helicity Boson page 2 {Massively}

Jan 26th 2010 2:12PM I've given Eve a shot a few times of the years just wasn't for me. I have to say thouth, the person in this interview seems a bit full of himself. Trying to "punish" or "teach" people how to play a diffrent way....Sounds more like one sided fun if you ask me. And let all those "carebears" up and decide to say "Fuck this and go on strike." then no one in Eve will be having fun when the production of ships grinds to a hault.

Why you don't have freedom of speech in WoW {WoW}

Dec 15th 2009 8:47AM People can say and do whatever they want, the issue really comes in that...While you can do what you want their will always be consequences for those actions. So freedom of speech is well in effect. Say whatever you please, but understand when you sound like a total jackass you will pay for it.

It is sad that people honestly feel like they can just do whatever will no level of self-responsiblity. All goes back to get behind a computer screen and now I don't have to act proper cause no one knows me anyway.

Anti-Aliased: Boobs and you pt. 2 {Massively}

Nov 28th 2009 5:03AM Honestly, after being involved with second life for some time and other real MMOs, the arguement of women being degraded by breast size or lack of clothing is moot. Log into second life and damn near every girl there is dressed like they are a stripper or whore. And I don't just mean men playing women, even the ones being controlled by real girls are dressed like this.

And to be honest I see lots of girls dressed as such in real life too, the thing is I think they like being objectified....They just want to choose who does the objectifying. I'm sure most of you know of a girl who dresses as skimpy as possible when going to the club and acts like a bitch when the "wrong guy" stares at her. Let a hot guy do it and she is right as rain, and the same thing in virtual space. Most girls in Second Life won't even bother unless the guy meets some visual standard.

I guess to wrap it all up, virtual enviroments are fantasy and I doubt much of anyone is comparing the men and women they encounter in games or whatever to real life people.

Phat Loot Phursday: Onyxia Scale Cloak {WoW}

Aug 21st 2009 8:08AM Just out of curosity are you talking about an old guild DoD on thrall server?