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Breakfast Topic: How do you make time for working out? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2011 8:42AM It's just a matter of whether you want it bad enough. If you make it a priority, the same way you make raiding a priority, you'll find the time. Maybe it's cutting out an hour of tv a day, or not running the daily heroic. I just know that I've never met someone who said "I just don't have time" that really didn't have time. If you want to be stronger, or leaner, or bigger, or whatever it is that you want, you'll find the time.

The Queue: Dances with cats {WoW}

Jan 9th 2011 8:32AM I also got the hard cover set. I already owned all but three of the books anyway, but my wonderful wife surprised me with it a year or two ago at Christmas. My favorite comic ever, if only cause I can relate to Calvin. That was me as a five year old.

BlizzCon 2009: The Future of Tanking {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2009 11:56AM Reforging doesn't let you add a stat that doesn't already exist on the item. It only lets you alter the amount of each stat the item has.