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Know Your Lore: The furbolg {WoW}

Jun 30th 2010 2:36PM Nice article I love all your articles was wondering if you were planing to/already have done articles on the worgen and the goblins.

BlizzCon 2009: How far along is the development of Cataclysm? {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2009 2:02PM I actualy LoLd when i read ur post Shelyndis if u think they havent been alpha testing for monthes thats just insane where do u think all those old leaks came from famly and friends who were testing and some one stated that they thought patch 3.2.2 would last us over till december or january. its 1 boss!!!!!!!! that wont keep anyone busy for that long im expecting 3.2.2 to last MAYBE a month putting us at october/november before ICC comes out heres how it looks

Sept 8 ( 2nd tuesday) ony comes out ( this may not seem like long but they really dont need ALL that long to get her up to level 80 they dont need to make spells or such) they fix the whole (ret?) pali issue for arena season since it wouldint be good to wait till a later date then arena start point OP bad

Oct 20 27 or Nov 3 Icc is now opened (possibly by tremors that are caused from deathwings attept at escape from deepholm) a week or so in the best guilds clear out the lich king and his 12 other bosses so well then give the rest of the guilds 3-4 monthes to clear it all.

Cataclysm early january to late febuary ( i believe it will be out this soon because

A. the video+pics show that they have done a good deal of work on this.

B. its been in progress a long while and i ( i have no experience makeing games) imagine itll be faster to make 8 SMALLER zones ( since when have starting zones been even close to some of the northrend zones) and make the old zones flyable and looking good whith the doomsday look.

C. (at least in Vermont) january and febuary are still full of snow so they still get the people inside alot while probly keeping people busy throught the summer with the high end raids and just exploreing the new content.

D. If they dont release this by ATLEAST march maybe febuary i can see them losing tons of people and if it is NEXT november as some one stated they could lose millions. that dosent seem like blizzes plan.

okay im losing focus now but 1 last thing Wotlk pritty much sucked. I think of cataclysm as kinda Damedge control there gonna wana shoot that out FAST vannali wow had a long period of time between it and BC because it was god same with BC and Wotlk ( and they did Sunwell which they cant with lichking) so expect it sooner then u think

P.S. I apoligixe if i insulted u or your post here but some of the people were just....
also sorry for spelling and grammer i always sucked at those