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WoW Insider reviews The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm by Christie Golden {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 2:54AM Its 69 in the top 100 best selling books on right now! Thats a nice feat! i might order this next month or ...sooner depending on how the doctors appointment goes for me this monday heh. :-p

BlizzCon 2010: The first in the line, at 2 a.m. {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 2:51AM darn that guy has a sexy girlfriend cute too! no fair i wish i was at blizzard and with a cute girlfriend too :-( "sniffles" oh well. im in the cataclysm beta so lets face it isnt that the only reason that non-beta people are going to play cataclysm? hehe.

I want to go some year if possible if my health issues dont turn out to be too serious that would be fun. I think i rather go to E3 first though but then my second thing would be blizzcon. RAWR!

i think the virtual ticket is overpriced though to be honest i think they should have allowed some of the events to be streamed live for free or least put online later. 40 bucks for the virtual ticket seems a bit much even with the pet. considering also that all the video access will expire in 2 weeks!

Judge Orders Google to Identify 'Skanks' Blogger {Switched}

Aug 23rd 2009 5:37PM This is totally redicilous what is the world coming to today when "celiberties" are more worried about what someone they dont even know says about them in a blog then about actually doing something to help better the world. I mean im all for modeling and all but you know some of these blogs are right. while i may not be stupid enough to personally attack figures by name online in a blog. I think the blog writer had a point and Google really should not have been forced or should have given the name of the blogger but i guess they rather do so then to worry about more legal battles even though obvliously they could have had the money to defend the blogger's privacy. yeah free speech: as long as you dont say anything personally offending someone who has enough money to sue you.

Instead of the model whining about the blog and then saying "she forgives" the writer like the writer needed "her" forgiveness anyways. (even though hey she still might sue oh i forgive you but..."i still might sue you for money even though i have more money then i can possibly ever use"

This is all whats wrong with society today young women look up to models like these who end up having no redeeming quality other then there looks. We need to wake up and stop pandering to the spoiled models who only got anywhere in there life because of there looks and focus on rewarding those who have something more to offer on the inside then "just another pretty face".

I hope the blogger does sue Google and win. They had no right to disclose her name to this model.