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Win a Lil' K.T. from WoW Insider {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2010 11:13AM guess what... I'm 18 years old and a Rezident of the EU... and this will rime will with a f bomb...

Breakfast Topic: WoW as rehab {WoW}

Aug 7th 2010 9:43AM Actualy i have used WoW as a form of rehab (sorta). Having being told that i was HIV positive halfway throught high shool (this aing QQ keep reading bitch) lets just say my teen self hit mental shutdown reducing my almost average social life to a big Negative Zero, i'd close myself up from friends and family and just about anything that had to do with people and in the situation were i was obliged to deal with other people (shool) i'd only stick to within a few words of what was abolutley necessary. i had burried myself in the pc because i simply wasnt able to deal with people anymore. however humans are social animals and canot survive (ie they die.... literaly...not jk) without social interaction, fortunatley i already knew of a medium in witch i could feed the social need without actualy... u know... talking to people. a social game i had wanted to get for a good while that i had been wanting to get for a while but was reluctant to due to the subscription idea. (....yes im talking bout wow duh...)
People often mistaken a adiction as being the problem itself rather than a reaction to other external or internal isues. just as people have considered the the pc and games is to blame for my grades hiting rock bottom or my outright refusal to enter any form of RL social group, and trust me it aint i tried the alternative... if i wasnt playing (and thus socializing and having fun) id be laying in bed thinking of ways to kill myself...
WoW has been my lifeboat that kept me afloat throught a really dark period of my life and not only that but has helped me get back up again and able to hold conversations with people again, so close to normal that i could pass as just "the sillent type".

TL;DR version: I was struck by a serious case of Depresion (Not the kind were u feel down and sad ... the kind that has with a nose around ur throat). WoW has help me stay afloat and get back on my feet again.

Funny thing that i find this post after just learning last night about a RL friend of that had a even worse episode than i did (meds and shrink sessions), his bday is in december so im planing to gift him with a WoW full box set and get him into the game cuz im 100% certain its EXACTLY what he needs to get back on track :)

Addon Spotlight: Geist {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 1:36PM oh and yes, Vuhdoo is the best healing ui out there(yes i tried them all), smart. functional. and very configurable, i higly recomend this for any resto druids as it depicts the hots much better than grid ever could, and its everthing healbot is +1 .... although configuring it probably requires u to have a collage degree XD , just kiding watch the 30 min (condensed) tutorial videos carefully and ull get the hang of it, once u know how its piece of cake (god knows how many times i had to reconfigure it from scratch DURING a actual raid cuz my stupid kid brother reset everything, while i was away at school/work)

Addon Spotlight: Geist {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 1:25PM i've had had geist once, long ago in the BC era, saw it on someones youtube video and i thought it was the most imba thing out there, perfect to replace that ever buggy auto bar, however it and i had one major discontempt that just coulnd be overcomed, it uses the same actionbars as bartender (dont remember if its the blizz standard 1-6 bars or the extra 4 bartender offers), meaning that action bars x-y will be shared by bartender and geist. since im a druid of many specs and spots i make use of those extra bars gifted by bartender as stance shifters for my many forms, truthfully i think clever use of bartender can give u just about as much functionality as geist does.

presently i use Opie which i find to be MUCH more functional and dosnt overide any other bars since it creats its own limitles sets of action "bars" with tremonds configurabilty and practicality. i use it to replace my shapeshift bar (although woulnt recomed this for pvp), quick gear set change, consumables, tradeskills ring, ALL mounts ring by category with sub rigns for each mount type.
So as u sugested of having a quick pop-under-the-mouse actionbar with cooldowns or a portal bar, why just settle for a 1 (one) rigid ugly looking bar when u can have the pretty ring opie offers with the added quick action function, NO CLICKING OR POINTING required, just press and release the hotkey or combo and voila!

PS: sorry for the wall of text :P

BlizzCon 2009: Costume contest video {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2009 8:39AM they (used to) say that girls dont play wow... we've seen that is false but this... i mean... look at her... SHE'S FREAKING HOT! i mean arent blonds like that on top of every1's favorite sexual fantasies list?
A girl like that is a gamer?! not only that but an actual "geek"-tress that gets in crazy costumes and pay big bucks to go to a nerds convention?
OMG the world is changing! and im proud to be a computer geek!
HA! Take that Jock's! The hot girls are hangin with us now! GEEKS ARISE!