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Scattered Shots: Hunter class feedback {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 10:36AM I'm surprised at the lack of mention of a few things:

- BM's special ability, Intimidation, being uniquely useless in raids. Take a look at everyone else's. Every single spec has an ability that will get used frequently in 5-mans and raids. The only one even close to BM's uselessness is Shadowstep but even that gets used a fair amount by rogues that PvE as Subtlety (and is very fun to use). Intimidation should be a single point talent to replace Pathfinding (who takes Pathfinding?). In it's place i'd like to see a genuinely useful BM special ability. Either a beast-styled shot (boring but easy to implement and PvP-balance), or bring back Eyes of the Beast as a DPS cooldown to use. You'd have to make the hunter immune or untargetable for the duration that he is controlling the pet, but at least it would be fun and interesting to play.

- Everyone who said they never used Eagle Eye clearly doesn't play in BGs and know how to exploit it. /cast !Eagle Eye and recast it after casting and you can see across the entire BG. It's like having a invisible teleporting spy on your team.

Scattered Shots: Improving the hunter BM talent tree {WoW}

Jun 30th 2011 10:08AM I think you nail it when you said Intimidation is the problem. It's a Bonus Ability that is never ever used in raids. If you look at all the other classes, it's uniquely bad for PvE. All other specs have a Bonus Ability that is useful in raids. The only one comparably useless is Shadowstep, but even that helps mobility in a raid.

It's such an obvious odd ones out that I'd say that's the primary problem with but the damage output and the flavour of the spec.

to Fix:
- move Intimidation to where Pathfinding is. Scrap Pathfinding.
- Make Kindred Spirits 1 point talent so PvP specs don't have 1 less point to play with (nobody takes pathfinding)
- new Bonus Ability: some sort of Beasty Shot. Cool looking. Like a beasts head flying through the air.

Shifting Perspectives: Balance UIs and mods {WoW}

Jul 14th 2010 7:49AM One addon I have not seen used much by Balance Druids is the new and improved NeedToKnow:

It does a lot of the things that other addons do: it is fully customisable and tracks whatever HoTs, DoTs, Buffs, Debuffs, Cooldowns that you ask it to on yourself, your target, whatever.

But it does have a few advantages over other some similar addons (i know many other addons have various subsets of these features):

- It will track internal cooldowns. For Moonkins this is mainly the 2 Eclipse iCDs, but it can track trinket iCDs also.

- The bars are in a fixed order and location whether they are active or not. This might seem like a disadvantage at first (from an aesthetic point of view) but it allows you to keep your Eclipse Buffs and their corresponding iCDs always together. And in general UI elements that don't move are easier to track that ones that do.

- it allows you to set custom bar colours for each bar. Provided you are not colour blind, this allows you to remove icons and text from the bar completely. Bar recognition is easier and faster.

- it has a "visual cast time" feature that overlays the cast time of a specified spell as a little highlighted region of the main bar (at the expiry end). This allows you to see at a glance when you are on the "last cast" of an Eclipse phase without having to read a number and eliminating any guesswork. The length of this overlay is taken dynamically from your spell book, so when Nature's Grace procs or Heroism hits, the lengths will adjust accordingly. So on the Solar Eclipse bar one can have it show the length of your final Wrath cast, on the Lunar Eclipse bar one can have it show the length of your final Starfire cast, and on your Moonfire bar you can have it show the length of a Starfire cast (for use with the starfire glyph). Another use of the visual cast time feature is to overlay the length of your cyclone cast on a Cyclone debuff bar for easy CC chaining.

Basically it does everything you need, with no text or icons, and is generally a fantastically elegant tool.

BlizzCon 2009: Rated battlegrounds and the return of PvP titles {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 10:23AM This makes me insanely happy. Arena is not nearly as good gameplay-wise as high rated players think it is. Much of the joy of WoW PvP gets flushed when you enter arena, and while Arena tactics are complex and challenging, they inherently skip a massive amount of tactics and gameplay that makes WoW great.

I actually wasn't going to pay the next expansion. I am now :-)