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Recent Comments:

C-Quester's 1-Atmosphere Submersibles {Divester}

Sep 5th 2006 10:01AM So good news..

Irwin's death was caught on video {AOL TV}

Sep 5th 2006 9:57AM Irwin knew all over the world, and loved his transfers.

Succeeding in friendships {ParentDish}

Sep 5th 2006 9:52AM It's good for all world child.

Samsung's SGH-i600: an HSDPA and WiFi Smartphone at last {Engadget Mobile}

Sep 5th 2006 9:49AM Looking for a mobile phone with serious PDA features, but don't want to hold a Pocket PC Phone Edition to your ear? For phone-centric users who need a phone first and a PDA second, Microsoft Smartphones make a great deal of sense. They're no larger than the average cell phone, feature one-handed operation, have standard phone creature comforts yet can sync easily with your desktop and offer slimmed-down versions of standard Pocket PC built-in applications. MS Smartphones do not have touch screens, nor can they run Pocket PC software. Instead you'll use buttons on the keypad to navigate the phone's apps and controls, and you'll need to get MS Smartphone versions of 3rd party apps if you wish to add software to the phone. Both Pocket PCs and MS Smartphones are part of the Windows Mobile OS family, and you will likely feel at home with an MS Smartphone if you're comfy with Pocket PCs.

The Discovery Channel Killed Steve Irwin {The Jason Calacanis Weblog}

Sep 5th 2006 9:37AM New and new posts! It's good!