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BlizzCon 2009: Guild Leveling and Talents {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 6:22PM (sorry about double posting)
I wish they would just go ahead and give the gm's more power, give us the power we sometimes need to manage the larger guilds, just call it advanced options for those who are confused by the current simple and week ones. (in-part revolving around my complaint of stack vs count)

StarCraft 2 may sport semi-LAN solution {Joystiq}

Aug 24th 2009 5:57PM The Tim - Even steam lets you play in off-line mode and then use the games that support LAN to use have LAN parties. I believe windows live even has an offline ability and it is not always possible to have the entire LAN connected to the internet, this happen to me actually recently were half of us had access and the other half didn't..

On a side note I also have a big issue with any program that periodically connects to a central server ether for updates or just security reason without asking.

BlizzCon 2009: Guild Leveling and Talents {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 5:29PM I just hope that they finally fix some of the issues with the guild bank, mainly in my opinion being the removal by stack instead of quantity. But I am really looking forward to guild being a larger part of wow along with the money bonus and arena points