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Healing in PvP {WoW}

Sep 1st 2006 3:41PM In BG's, with my 49 Druid and 29 Shaman, I make it point to help whoevers around by actually healing. Many times its easy, you see on guy getting beat on by 1,2 or 3 others and you just start healing, this usually pulls the attention onto you in which you hope the guy just healed is close to killing 1 or 2 of them.

But the best Battle Healing Mod and something that should be implemented into WoW is


Go find it, it is excellent for healing. Healers without it cannot effectively heal in BG's because of the large amount of micromanagment.

Genesis will find the lowest health person within your healing range and pick the appropriate level heal and will heal. If you spam that button, it will always heal the same person, if you delay a sec, it will find the next lowest health toon within range of you. They have to be in the RAID, not party and with 1.12 this is solved. It will work for all the heals you have, so you have to have 3 hotkeys for each type of heal you have, my shaman has 2 atm, Healing Wave and healing something or other, basically one fast and one slow. My Druid has 3, Hots, Nukes and combo of both.

The efficiency of this mod is amazing, on my Shaman, i can run in, take out their priest, earthshock + purge and hes toast, then i stand there and just spam healing wave, this usually heals several people around me and keeps them up as they finish off the rest of the group. Druids and Priests are even more effective healers and with Genesis, you will feel like a God. Shield here, Flash Heal there, Nuke Heal over there. Psycic Scream everyone off you cause they all don't like you anymore.